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Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga For Glowing Skin

As if we need more reasons to love yoga!! Here’s one more; it gives us THE glow. If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, then I’m sure you heard of or even experienced the term “yoga glow”. Got you; I too want to hop onto the mat right now, but before that let’s sink deeper and learn exactly what is the connection between yoga and glowing skin?


1 || Fights Inflammation

First thing, we need to know that inflammation is the natural response to stress or injury. So it’s our bodies’ normal reaction to heal wounds or injuries. But in some cases, this natural process turns into a chronic one when the body is in a constant state of stress as a result of a lifestyle or diet. This can lead to a multitude of problems including premature aging and disease. In this case, we need to fight it and one great way for that is yoga.

Studies have shown that people who practiced yoga had a 22% reduction in inflammation indicators, leading to a number of health benefits, including slowing down the skin’s aging process. Also, yoga has been related to reducing the production of stress and hunger hormones and Increasing Adiponectin, an anti-inflammatory hormone.


2 || Improves Circulation

If you are a yoga person then you definitely felt this. Yoga eases the blood flow in the body, which as a result allows your blood to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your skin so that it’s healthier and a little more glowy. Think yoga poses that put your heart over your head. These kinda poses will increase the blood flow to your head therefore to your face which helps to maintain elasticity, recover from scarring, and bring out that healthy glowing skin.


3 || Improves Digestion

There is a strong connection between your gut and your skin. Whatever happens inside shows directly on your face, this is why a healthy digestion system is so important for having that glow you’ve always dreamed of. And here comes yoga again, it helps to detox your body and rid it of all that it doesn’t need. Twisting poses are your way for better digestion.


4 || Reduces Stress

We are stating the obvious here. One of the major goals of yoga is fighting stress. And as we discussed many times before; stress can wreak havoc on your skin. The negative effects of the stress hormone “cortisol” are acne, breakouts, blemishes, and dull, tired-looking skin.


5 || Improves Sleep

Researches have shown that reduced cortisol helps in increasing the sleep hormone “melatonin”. And as you know getting a good night’s sleep has great effects on your skin and your overall health in general.