Now’s The Best Time To Start

Best time
Courtesy of Farah Massadeh

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to accomplish anything at sixteen, let alone have a column in a magazine. I was never the person to wake up excited to go on a run or even walk into a gym; I preferred staying at home watching movies. I thought “healthy” was just a trend that would be omitted a few years ahead and so, I prioritized my daily intake of ice cream and sugar. But then I realized, it’s never too late to start.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, exploring, and inquiring. I figured regardless of the restrictions placed on the press in Jordan, media remains a powerful tool able to instigate change. Through the allure of words, minds can be changed, and information can be uncovered. I started this journey with the mindset that I had “nothing to lose”. It was a perfectly imbalanced equation; reaching out to a local magazine and getting ignored wouldn’t have harmed me, but the one in a million chance of receiving a response still dominated my thoughts and doubts.


Best time
Courtesy of Carlota Weber Mazuecos

Likewise, I grew up in an excessively sporty household. Yet, I was never the person that was interested in taking a walk or do any type of workout. That was until I enjoyed moving, advancing, and most importantly, progressing. Moving in any type of way liberated and freed me from my stress and worries. Undoubtedly, I fell in love with progressing later than most people do, but I eventually did.

25% of deaths annually are due to sudden cardiac deaths. around 1.35 million people each year are killed due to surprising, spontaneous crashes. Just last year, 2.81 million deaths were due to an unexpected virus that circulated our world. The point is, nothing is assured, anything can happen. For many, procrastination is the go-to decision. Procrastination stands for, the unnecessary act of postponing tasks and actions. The art of procrastination inextricably impacts an individual’s wellbeing, minimizing their successes and possibly igniting mental difficulties. People often choose to delay a certain task as a result of their lack of self-control, motivation, in addition to hindering factors such as stress and anxiety. However, anyone can manage to overcome any difficulty if they ponder and stress on the benefits instead of the doubts.


Best time
Courtesy of  Michelle Randolph

With the unprecedentedness and uncertainty patronizing our planet, it’s no surprise that’s there’s been a reduction in motivation. But do you want to pass on not having your dreams accomplished? Living midst a global pandemic is no excuse to delay any task or project. If anything, being forced to stay at home should be a factor pushing you to achieve your longed-for dreams.

Motivation is a theory present in many different forms, it is instigated by a mixture of passion and desire. The feeling may come in various forms initiating from within a person’s soul to the society surrounding them. Regardless of what your motivation strategy is, you must maintain it. Motivation has a major role in activating, persisting, and concentrating on an individual’s senses on a specific goal and ambition.

You might not have tomorrow, or it may appear differently than today. If you don’t start on your own, no one is going to drag you to reach your goal and eventually live your dream. Regardless of the negligible chance, your risk might have, it is still there. You must become aware of the importance of starting because if you never start, the goal you have in mind won’t be reached.