Kyan Foundation || Unfolding The Essence of Humanity

Kyan Foundation is one of the most inspiring platforms I have come across in a while.  Their ideology is pretty much the inverse of what we generally practice on a day-to-day basis.  We have been taught that in order to discover who we are we need to explore concepts.. We buy self-help books in bulk, we sign up for pricey retreats half across the world, and we fill our day with mindful practices that we believe will allow us to heal.  Morning exercise routine, yoga afternoon practice, healer session at midday, and the list goes on.. So why then aren’t we happier people you may ask?  

Kyan’s ideology is in the word ‘essence’, which is in fact the meaning of the word ‘Kyan’ in Arabic.  That elusive word, that when understood unfolds a whole universe of understanding and healing.  According to Kyan Foundation, in order to tap into our essence, we need to allow for ‘space’. The negative space that is; that isn’t cluttered with our to-do-list.  Visually, imagine a jar, each activity of your day a ball, placed inside this jar…The negative space is the air between these balls.. For anyone that is not a graphic designer, the term ‘negative space’ has negative connotations, so I will change the term to ‘space’ Kyan believes that it is in this space that you are able to tap into your pure consciousness, and in the process come to terms with what truly moves you.



Another belief that we hold, and is yet another falsity is that our current mode is the only mode.. When we ponder deep questions we believe that the zone we are in, is the only zone.  We attempt to address these questions in the same state that we do the dishes in, and school pick-ups and drop-offs, and often times it doesn’t work.. Anyone that has practiced meditation will tell you that in actual fact there is a deeper zone or level of consciousness that allows you to see things differently if you will allow it.. The only way to reach this place is to create the space..

In this alternate level of consciousness, your understanding expands, your ideas grow and you see things more vividly. It is in this zone that you should address your deepest questions, not when you are running around, or attempting to sit quietly for all of 5 minutes.  A good analogy is that of cooking a hot meal.. We all have the same ingredients, how we choose to cook the dish will determine how hearty, tasty, and nourishing it is.  When you allow the ingredients to simmer for a few hours beautiful things happen.  The aromas are released, the ingredients merge to create flavors that are greater than the sum of their parts.  The same with your consciousness.  When you give it the space, your ideas grow, your curiosity intensifies, and your answers become clearer, richer in color and intensity.



One of the reasons for this flourishing of thoughts is the neutrality that you experience in this space.. It is a place of no judgment.  Your thoughts are not good or bad, true, or false.  They just are..and it is in this nothingness, that your greatest beliefs are explored, and your truest self explored.  Yes, it is indeed an oxymoron, that in nothingness that you find the greatest version of yourself.. A reminder that in order to learn, we must unlearn…

Kyan Foundation is dedicated to helping you discover your essence using a number of avenues and expert techniques. From meditation to counseling and mindful eating and nutrition, Kyan Foundation will assist you in tapping into your essence.  One of the categories closest to their hearts of course is parenting, education, and learning.. as that is where our future lies.  Literally turning the traditional idea of learning on its head, Kyan Foundation is on its way to redefining the meaning of education and parenting by means of a more holistic and essence-led approach, and we personally can’t wait!