How The Stars Train For Their Superhero Movies

Superhero Movies

There have been a lot of super-hero movies lately and they’re all fantastic women that must have trained devoutly to achieve their ripped status. From Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider to Jennifer Lawrence in X Men, we’ve got the scoop on how they transformed their bodies. Just in time for our beach body transformation!


Alicia Vikander – Tomb Raider

Alicia Vikander - Tomb Raider


The Danish actress prepared for her super hero role in the movie Tomb Raider with celebrity trainer Magnus Lygdback. When asked about the prep work, Lygdback stated to Pop Sugar, “We covered it all — everything from classic lifting and strength training to more functional stuff. I like to switch it up, so we did everything from squatting heavy and doing deadlifts to pull-ups, push-ups, training with machines, training with bodyweight, plyometrics, explosive training.”

Working out for five to seven days a week for almost seven months is quite the commitment, but if you thought it was for hours on end you’re wrong. Magnus shared that working out never lasted more than an hour, ”What doesn’t happen in the first hour won’t happen in the second hour.”

In regards to Alicia’s ripped core, there appears to be a science behind it. “I have a specific way of working the core. I divide the core into three different days, and I approach the core differently every day.”

The first ab day is all about planks and leg raises. Magnus then does “one day with rotational stuff, working the obliques,” like the wood-chopping exercise. Finally, Magnus spends one day doing straight-up strength exercises for the abdominals, which are most likely weighted exercises to beef up the core muscles.

As for Alicia’s diet which played a critical role, Keto was the plan of choice. “Since we were traveling so much over the holidays, we decided the keto diet would be best because it’s easier to control the macros that way,” Magnus told Popsugar “It was a high-fat, no-carb diet — not even low-carb. It’s always tricky the first couple of days, but [Alicia’s] willpower is just unbelievable, and she didn’t complain, even though I could see she was struggling a little bit. She kept on bringing it every day.”


Jennifer Lawrence – X Men Apocalyps

Jennifer Lawrence - X Men Apocalyps



It only took 3 months for celebrity trainer Dalton Wong to prep JLaw for her 2016 role in X Men. Proof that she was pretty buff already. The London-based trainer and founder of Twenty Two training credits a specific piece of equipment for her quick transformation, exercise bands!

Wong told the Daily Mail that he and Lawrence did everything from yoga to weight lifting to running to prep for her role, but the best thing about her resistance band workouts was that the star could do them while on set.

Wong said he often only had 10 minute intervals with Lawrence while she was filming, but he always managed to squeeze in a few moves with resistance bands, targeting and toning certain areas like butt or legs. He says the bands are the ultimate way to train on-the-go, since they can easily fit into your pocket, and you don’t necessarily need to break a sweat for them to be effective.

Wong — who’s been a proponent of the bands all throughout his 15 years of training — also says the bands can be a great alternative for women who want to get into resistance training but shy away from lifting weights for fear of becoming bulky.


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (2019 release)

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (2019 release)


Brie Larson is prepping for her major role as Captain Marvel, set to be released next year. She took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes work. Captioned “9 months of training really does some stuff to your body,” the camera captures Larson completing an impressive five pull-ups. Her svelte arms just as impressive as the move itself.



Larson followed up with another video the very next day, this one a set of wide-stance push-ups made all the more impressive with the addition of heavy chains at waist level. “Getting stronger is a process I’m committed to showing up for everyday,” wrote Larson in the caption.