Detox || What’s All The Fuss About ?


Day 1 Of Detox Days



There isn’t a more over-used word than detox in the month of January. Ultimately though, do we really know what detox is ? Author and celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder aptly described the toxins in our body as sludge. Thick, disgusting goop that gets stuck in different parts of your body and slows down your natural processes.

That said, the process of detox is not pretty, it is actually extremely uncomfortable and should be tread with caution. I speak from experience, harsh detoxing gave me hemorrhoids not once but twice. Please bear with me, I have one more analogy for you, but I promise it’s a good one…

Imagine a stubborn sticker on your newly purchased water glasses. You can try and scrape it off, but run the risk of scratching the glasses, or you can soak them in warm water for a few hours, and the stickers will come right off.

CIIN is dedicating the month of January to all things detox, stay tuned for some fantastic tips and great resources.