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The Story Of Seven Days In Bed

Seven Days In Bed

When someone says the word #comfort, my bed is the first thing that comes to mind- it’s cozy, it’s warm, it’s fuzzy, it’s everything I think of when I hear the word comfort.

But, let’s say someone came and told me to stay in my bed for seven days straight without getting out of it not even for one second, with everything catered to my precise taste, food service, TV series, my laptop and all the books in the world right at my service, on my bed!

I’ll tell you exactly how it will go:

The first day might pass by with a delight feeling, the utmost relax and comfort, two to three days later I’ll start to get fidgety and I will want to move, I will want to get up and walk or run or just do anything!


Seven Days In Bed


Four to five days later ill start losing the will to move and my energy level will drop to zero, six to seven days later I will start going into deep sorrow and sadness, which a lot of people call depression.

The reason I’m telling you about the seven-day bed arrest experience is because this is exactly what your comfort zone is. It’s you, being stuck in one very comfortable place until you lose the will to leave, you lose the will to grow out of it, you lose the will to change!

We all perceive the idea of #change, or #challenge as something negative, but let me tell you something, no human being will ever reach his or her full potential without doing one of both or even both!

Because with change comes a certain freshness, the feeling of opening a new page or starting a new chapter in your life, with change comes a deeper meaning of self and a stronger connection to one’s inner self.


While challenge generates the need to learn, to study, to research, to develop certain skills and abilities in order to conquer this new challenge and come out a winner on the other side.


Seven Days In Bed


So, what I’m asking you here is one of the key fundamental practices of all time, challenge yourself and say yes to change, grow your life and expand your horizon, even if it means you might get slightly uncomfortable doing it!

Because by the end of the day, when you look yourself in the mirror and see a person you are proud of, who has a life you have always dreamt of, then and only then will you know that it was all worth your while.


Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone. ― Shannon L. Alder


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