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The Story of The Begger & The Wooden Box

The Wooden Box

There’s was this beggar who spent twenty years of his life sitting on a box on the side of the road asking people for whatever they can spare. Until, one day a man came up to the beggar and asked: “what are you sitting on?”, the beggar replied: “a box!”, the man said: “I know it’s a box! but have you ever taken a look at what’s inside that box?”, the beggar looked puzzled! and yet he got up, opened the wooden box to find endless amounts of gold layered on top of each other. The man nodded his head, smiled and walked away!

The moral of this story is that God gave each and every one of us the power to grow, the power to be strong, the power to have desires and transmute these desires to their physical manifestations, the power to be at peace with ourselves and with the universe around us, the power to be whole.


The Wooden Box


However, these powers do not always come wrapped in ribbons but more often come wrapped in sandpaper, you will get your hands hurt trying to open these presents, but what you will find within is priceless, what you will find within will change your life!

Every time life gets hard, just remember, you were built to rise again, you were built to overcome whatever negative life situation you are in, and please focus on the term “life situation”. We often get fixated on certain situations in our lives and reflect that on our whole life story. But, at the end of the day, it’s just one scene in many scenes that make up the movie of our life.


The Wooden Box


So please remember that God, the #universe, or the higher power, whatever you like to call it, was gracious enough to bless all of us with the power to survive, with the power to have confidence, confidence in the right people, the right situations and most importantly in ourselves.

I always try to remind myself to:


see me through my own eyes


so I can value my life according to my own standards, to aim high towards my own #goals, and to have faith in my own unique path. So have faith in your own-self and in your own judgment in order to give space to your soul to guide you to your own self-made destiny.

Listen to your inner voice, and to the immense deep truth that will follow.


The power to shape your reality lies within you, therefore the most important voice you will ever hear is your own. ― Max Patrick


Peace & Love,



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