A Guide to Awesome Graduation Gifts !

Graduation Gifts

So what do you get that spirited teenager ? It is indeed a complicated question, and as it stands now most people think along the same lines which means they will receive an abundance of perfumes and scarves. CIIN explores some more original ideas…


1 || Function is King

As these youngsters embark on their new adventures, they need to get organized. No more mum and dad sorting things out for them. The easiest way to help them out is to give them gifts that help them sort themselves out. At this point they will have received seven wallets so forget that, but a zipper pouch for passports and documentation will come in handy for travel and the first few administrative days at college.

It doesn’t matter how tech savvy these students are, there are some things that should not be stored on any device that can be hacked, a hard copy is best. A small leather notebook will actually come in extremely handy to put in the details of their new bank etc.

I don’t think there is any student out there that is going to go out and buy his or her own religious book. The Koran and Bible is valuable on their journey, when one is scared, religion is best. A relatively small Koran or Bible that has a clear, readable script is hard to find…


Graduation Gifts


2 || Something Classy

The first year of college is humbling ! Crammed into the mandatory dorm room with a pot of Ramen noodles for dinner is a stark contrast to their privileged childhoods. Remind them of home’s small luxuries with a classy gift from a reputable company.

Tumi will do it every time, their vast selection of luxury essentials will tickle the fancy of the toughest teen. A leather laptop case, a techno-fabric backpack or even a toiletries bag will work well.

Louis Vuitton is not as general, some people love the logo giant, others are averse to it. When in doubt go for the plain leather as opposed to the monogram.


Graduation Gifts


3 || Something Personalized

If you have a close connection to the graduate, a small personalized gift will ease the transition from small pond to ocean. A photo of the two of you in a frame, a jar of messages to be read on a tough day or even something referencing Jordan will be appreciated. A key chain with the Jordanian flag or even his/her initials on a small Louis Vuitton gift in the colors of the Jordanian flag. If you have a smaller budget, even luggage tags with a Jordanian reference will work well. A leather bracelet with some calligraphy elements can also work well for both men and women.


Graduation Gifts


4 || Smart Gifts Go A Long Way

Believe it or not a Swiss Army Knife or the digital luggage weigher will come in very very handy on a number of occasions. Or an adjustable nylon duffle bag that can be used four different ways. How about a pack of small screw drivers that will fix just about anything from the screw on his or her sunglasses to that annoying bolt on the computer. The iPad cover that works 5 different way is also a winner and the solar powered iPhone charger.


Graduation Gifts