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Your Energy Matters || Protect It With These Tips

With all the changes that are happening around us, our moods can change rapidly from upbeat to discouraged and no one can blame us. While there are certain things that we can’t control, we can consciously guard our mindset by protecting our energy. Below are some tips that can help you care for your mental well-being.


1 || Checking your phone is the biggest culprit

If you are used to the habit of checking your social media first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed then you should stop. You might ask, how is that related to my energy? Well, we might not feel it, but other people’s energy has a great impact on us. So that negative post that you scrolled through on your Facebook page might actually ruin your whole day or affect the quality of your sleep without you know it. Take it one step further and turn your phone on airplane mode in the morning and at night.


2 || Use your time wisely

You can accomplish so many things during your day. You just need to focus and be picky with how you spend your free hours. That said learn to say no to certain things that might affect your energy or your productivity.


3 || Meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax your brain and body and bring them in harmony. Breathing techniques that you do while meditating help you to get out of your head and manage stress. Remember that you don’t need to be a guru in order to be able to meditate, and although there are some tips you need to follow, you can practice meditation in your own way. There are many apps that can help you jump start this peaceful habit.


4  || Declutter your place

Make it a habit to declutter your living space every few months and donate everything that doesn’t bring you joy anymore. Sometimes the mess around you is the reason behind your bad energy.


5 || Detox your social circle

Let’s face it; toxic people exist and they might be so close to you. If someone is impacting you negatively and you can distance yourself from him/ her then great. If that person is someone really close to you then they might have a tough time, offer to help if you can, but again try to avoid their negative energy as much as you can.


6 || Inspire yourself

Have some fun and make your own vision board or keep a folder of inspiring quotes or mantras on your phone that are uplifting and can boost your mood when you’re feeling down. Vision boards are a great source of inspiration. It helps you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Here are some vision board apps that can help you create a digital vision board that you can access any time. Start manifesting!