What the Heck is Movember Anyway?


On November 1 we will start our prostate cancer awareness campaign.This silent killer is responsible for approximately 22% of all male cancer deaths, the second cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer.Prostate cancer is also the most common cancer after skin cancer.Most prostate cancer cases are diagnosed after the age of 65.

Movember is the international campaign to raise awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer during the month of November.Traditionally men supporting the cause grow out their mustaches during this month.As for men that already have facial hair, they are encouraged to shave it all off on November 1 and start regrowing their beards and mustaches.

The trouble with prostate cancer is that it is a slow mover, which means that men can live with it for up to 5 years without actually being aware of the illness. The symptoms show up at a late stage and this is where the fear lies.

Another unknown fact is the inaccuracy of the prostate cancer blood test. The spike in prostate markers could be due to a variety of causes, including a common infection.

So how do your loved ones protect themselves from the possibility of prostate cancer?A healthy lifestyle is clearly the way to go.More specific statistics have made us aware of certain practices that substantially increase the likelihood of a prostate cancer diagnosis.Men that consume dairy products and animal protein are at a greater risk, as are men that have a high intake of calcium in their diet.It is also thought that men’s risk of developing prostate cancer is more likely if their fasther/ brother had it at or under the age of 60.

Stay tuned throughout the month of November for CIIN’s daily awareness campaign, filled to the brim with interesting facts and preventative suggestions.

For more information on the Movember organization, please click here.

*all statistics are cited from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.