Dana Hourani X Boyfriend Team Up On An Epic Capsule Collection

Dana Hourani-Boyfriend Team Up

Boyfriend The Brand and Dana Hourani have marveled everyone by dropping an epic capsule collection in their recent collaboration.. We at CIIN are celebrating regional talent with pride..!


Dana Hourani-Boyfriend Team Up


Two talents coming together and merging a minimal and gender invisible aesthetic which both Amine Jreissati – Beirut-based stylist- and Dana Hourani – social-media-influencer- put their hearts and souls into and the result is a successful new DNA of a brand with daring styles..

Feast your eyes with baggy leather trousers, quilted two-toned jackets and tops, as well as oversized outerwear, which can all be mixed and matched… After all, it’s leather weather and we cannot wait to get our hands on what might become staple pieces in our wardrobes..

We have always bounced ideas off each other for fun, even before getting the idea to do a capsule, it was only a matter of time before we brought it to life,” says Hourani.


Dana Hourani-Boyfriend Team Up


Jreissati explained that

the brand was founded to remind of the importance of basics and their mix and match. The same shirt can be worn by a man or a woman and simply twisted with a belt or rubber bands around the sleeves to match each taste and style.


The all-leather capsule drops on 31 October.


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