Catsuit Anyone? Serena Williams Just Confirmed This Latest Trend

Catsuit - Serena Williams

Serena Williams took to the tennis court in style last week, winning her first Grad Slam Match since giving birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian 8 months ago, an experience that almost cost her her life.

Dressed in a super-hero style catsuit, the tennis champ dedicated her win to all mothers that had experienced similarly harrowing deliveries, or had difficulties transitioning to motherhood. Serena took to Twitter with the statement, “Catsuit anyone? For all the moms out there who have a tough recovery from pregnancy – here you go. If I can do it, so can you. Love you all!!”




The one piece has been making a comeback in the activewear arena, and things just got a lot more serious with this Nike catsuit. Whether its a bodysuit and leggings or a full on catsuit, there seems to be a new-found appreciation for activewear that holds you in at the torso. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has in the month of May alone launched two activewear collaborations, both including the Eighties-inspired bodysuit. The first with activewear brandHeroine Sport, the collection which is available to pre-order ‘is already selling out’ according to Anderson’s Instagram. Later in the month a second collaboration, this time with QVC network and G.I.L.I. creative director Jill Martin, again featuring bodysuits.




We reached out to some of our favorite Jordanian women in the sports arena to get their take on the bodysuit/ one piece trend. Jude Bitar founder and instructor at Inhale Studios who actually owns a bodysuit already, although not a Tracy Anderson one, didn’t believe the hype about the added comfort level of a bodysuit. Adding that when one flexes forward the excess fabric tends to bunch around the abdominal area.

Yoga instructor Lara Kalla acknowledges the trend, going as far as to say that they look cool. Although there are benefits to wearing a bodysuit in her opinion most importantly not having to worry about your top riding up during practice. Lara concedes that the impracticality of taking the whole thing off when needing to use the bathroom, and the possibility of the bodysuit pant riding up causing a wedgie makes it a no-go in her opinion.

Last but not least, Caroline Rizk of activewear boutique Althetique weighs in, stating that although the trend has been met with positivity in Canada specifically in the yoga arena, it has been less so with her Jordanian customers. Praising the ‘doesn’t ride up’ element, Caroline is quick to point out that you need a certain body and attitude to comfortably pull it off. In the mood to try one? Pass by Athletique, there are a few in stock!