To be Chic is Something You Have Inside It’s Just in You

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld, the iconic super editor, talks fashion dos and don’ts in a series created by mytheresa

With her signature smoky eyes, Carine Roitfeld is the epitome of Parisian chic. She reigned at French Vogue for ten years, and is currently global fashion director at Harper’s Bazaar, as well as founder and editor-in-chief of her very own CR Fashion Book.


On working with your assets …


“I know I have good legs and I have good eyes. So I’m always wearing skirts and I put a lot of black around my eyes. I think the secret of a woman is to know what is good for her … I think I know what is good for me after all these years.”


Carine Roitfeld


On the importance of clothing, and the definition of chic…

“When I was a little girl, fashion was not important as it was today. How can you be chic? You don’t learn to be chic. You learn to avoid errors. To be chic, it’s something you have inside,” she advised. “Clothes are very important. It can change your life. It can change how you feel that day. You can be nicer because you feel more beautiful. But the person is more important than what she is wearing.”


Carine Roitfeld


On her own taste in clothing…

Dubbing her approach as picky. She believes in a certain style uniform, which boasts integrity – not compromised to suit a situation.

“I don’t have a regular work look – I would wear the same to work as I am wearing to visit you today, to attend a show and even to travel.”

Luckily her friend and fashion icon Tom Ford provides her with plenty of pieces which Carine loves to wear. Carine’s work with Mario Testing for Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent was what elevated her to such iconic status. The sex-filled, cigarette smoking aesthetic was to make for a powerful influence on fashion advertising for many years to come.

Also during this time, Tom Ford and Carine became partners in crime. She acknowledges, “Tom and I share the same idea of a woman”. She goes on to explain that perhaps what Tom appreciated about her, was that she wasn’t a designer. Instead she was – and indeed is – a super chic woman, pulling from his clothes and styling them in a uniquely cool way that he responded to.



On revisiting one’s style …

“He told me, ‘Each ten years you have to go back to your wardrobe and you have to edit.’

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