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Selena Gomez Gets Charitable With Her Latest Puma Collaboration!!

Selena Gomez - Puma

As has become the trend of late, many celebrities are lending their names to some big brand or another, driving their fans crazy with the never-ending-list of must-haves and collecting some pretty penny in the process. Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity to jump this bandwagon as she recently revealed her first collaboration as brand ambassador for Puma, while pledging to donate a bug chunk of the sales towards finding a cure for an autoimmune disease that Gomez is reportedly fighting.


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Based on Gomez’s styling, the all-white Phenom Lux Puma sneaker that features gold accents and a removable anklet, is worn with Puma’s new windowpane socks. “I’ve been wearing some fun socks with my sneakers and it just makes me feel a little bit more feminine” Gomez explained. It is expected that Gomez’s fans will follow suit as Gomez basically gave away her secret of dressing up her sweats. Combining the anklet with the chic and unique socks alongside the sleek sneakers is a look that is both womanly yet cool she explained, and will make you feel dressed up even when you’re in sweats. Though she also loves pairing her sneakers with dresses. She was actually seen swapping her high heels for Pumas at a black-tie gala for Lupus Research Alliance last November.


Selena Gomez - Puma


So wether these sneakers will develop a cult following we are yet to find out, but we bet that they will given the fact that all factors are there to make this one a hit.