Ali Cha’aban’s ‘Dusk to Dawn’ Nike Collaboration

Ali Cha’aban - Nike

There are only thirty pairs of these sneakers and you’re gonna have to run for them. Literally…

Lebanese-born Jeddah-based artist Ali Cha’aban has collaborated with iconic brand Nike on their Nike Epic React running sneaker. The collaboration named ‘Dusk till Dawn’ was inspired by the streets of Hamra in Lebanon, their tight alleyways and the notorious ‘no parking’ signs that are often ignored.


Ali Cha’aban - Nike


There is more to this collaboration than meets the eye though… Yes a fantastic looking sneaker but the underlying mission is to educate Arabs on the importance of exercise in Ramadan. The only way to actually win a pair of these ‘epic’ sneakers is to complete two night runs with the Nike+ Run Club app. With hashtags such as #dusktodawnchallenge (a reference to our nocturnal behavior during Ramadan) and the interesting play on words in #RUNmadan. Unfortunately for many, this contest is only available in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In an interview with Mille, Cha’aban states:


Capitalizing on exercising in Ramadan is a big step towards educating the culture to be more active.


Now to the shoe itself, the white Nike Epic React sneaker features brushed gold elements on the midsole, swoosh sign and lace holders. Perhaps the gold is yet another ode to our love of everything shiny especially in Ramadan). As mentioned earlier inspired by the narrow streets of Hamra Chaaban appliqués the arabic phrase ‘No Parking’ which conveniently translates to Don’t Stop. These folk have seriously thought of everything! Fancy a night run?