A London Fashion Week Milestone for UAE-Based Designer Dalia Al Ali

Dalia Al Ali

There was a single white shirt on the Dee by Dalia LFW runway. An indication of how far this designer has come. What started off as a ‘luxury shirts for the workplace’ line has taken on a life of its own, at London Fashion Week no less.

The brand which was picked up by DDFC x FAD Dubai, a partnership which aims to support and sponsor fashion in the UAE, allowed Dalia Al Ali to fulfill her dreams of showing on an international platform. Fashion Scout London, where she showed her Fall collection titled Sirius is in fact the leading independent platform at London Fashion week.

“You can always reach for the stars. Keep following your dreams I just fulfilled mine…”


Designer Dalia Al Ali


So what was on Dalia’s mind for her fall collection? A medley of prints and fabrics, beautifully interchangeable set the tone for this presentation. From starry nights to disco fever, Dalia managed to blend them seamlessly.

The first look of the collection, an asymmetrical plaid skirt matched to a buttery yellow blouse set the tone of playful sophistication. The ensemble, emblazoned with the hashtag #metoo, was perhaps a reminder of our common humanity regardless of where we are actually from. Fashion week is a landscape that brings together people from all walks of life under the umbrella of creativity. A much needed reminder of our oneness.


Designer Dalia Al Ali


As the retro-haired, pink eyeshadow-wearing models marched down the catwalk, they brought with them universal concepts that were twisted, prodded and poked to become uniquely Dee by Dalia. A cotton poplin shirt with stars and stripes was effortlessly matched to a plaid ruffle skirt. How right it looked and how easily it could have gone wrong.

Deeper into the collection a customized starry nights print surfaced. At times seen as drapy, vintage-inspired dresses. At others matched to a rich shade of plum paillette. The over-riding theme of modern retro was masterfully pulled off, revealing a designer with great potential, and a UAE partnership that intelligently brought it to life.


Designer Dalia Al Ali