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We have a new fashion find for you.. but the truth is, it’s more than that.  It is a merge between the worlds of craftsmanship, mathematical perfection, jewelry design and art. luxury handbags, conceptualized and designed by Spaniard Adrián Salvador, redefines the term luxury.  Today, luxury may be misunderstood as expensive, but to the designer luxury is anything but.  To Salvador, luxury is, “… in a space, in a lifestyle, in an attitude, but not in a golden object or bright gem.”




 Onesixone luxury handbags are built on the principle of mathematic perfection, 1.61, known as the golden ratio or Phi.  In nature and throughout history the standards for beauty and design have followed this principle. It is a theory of proportions and ratios that creates beauty and elegance.  Whether it is in the beauty of a flower, or the proportions of an ant’s anatomy, to the ideal proportions of a beautiful face.

Adrián Salvador takes his concept further with a meeting of minds… His creations are in fact an amalgamation of specialized beauty.  The hardware on the luxury bags are actually customized by renowned Spanish jewelry maker Helena Ronher.  The 14 carat gold pieces are in her own words, ‘honest.. in the sense that it doesn’t have to be imposed on the person using it.  It is comfort and a perfect fit.”

Each of the collections is also a collaboration with an artist.  The idea if for the worlds of art and design to merge into a single product.  Salvador travels the world in search of painters that can impart their vision of harmony and beauty into each bag. Complementing the divine proportions and creating a wearable work of art.

Integrity in craftsmanship is also high on the onesixone’s list of priorities.  Delving into the rich history of Andalusian leather craftsmanship, the bags are created with centuries-old artisanal techniques.

If there is a single word that defines all of the above it is exclusivity.  It would be hard to imagine all of the above in abundant supply, which is why there are only one hundred and sixty one bags made of each style, making them a limited edition, wearable work of art.

Now to the form and function…because it doesn’t matter how exclusive the bag is, it either works or it doesn’t as a ‘handbag’.




The brand has covered its bases with four basic styles in divine proportions.  The Gaia is a top handle, structured handbag that comes in two sizes that work for either day or night.  The Tau is a similar shape as the Gaia but in a clutch form.  The Endless is a softer style that comes in a hobo or dangling pouch style.  Lastly the Gea, this is the most fashion-y of them all and would work perfectly for a bride-to-be.




When we talk about luxury, the price point will always play a role.  Many a time, an exclusive bag becomes that way simply because it is too expensive to be purchased by many.  The onesixone handbags range in price from $800 to around $2500, so there is something for almost everyone..