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The Biggest Spring 2021 Nail Trends To Indulge In Now

Nails… They are the best proof that little things aren’t little; they actually add a huge difference. And what a lovely difference good nails add to your look. Spring is around the corner and we are so happy to learn about all the lovely trends it offers. This season, nail trends are so refreshing exactly like spring some don’t even include nail polish.


1 || Your Bare Nails


Yep, your healthy bare nails are a trend now. This was expected given all the comfort we got used to during the past year and the fact that we were unable to go to nail salons for so long. Spring 2021 is all about nails and hand health and care so make it a point to invest in good nail care tools, deep moisturizing hand cream, and cuticle oils.


2 || Press Ons


When we weren’t able to go to salons, our best second option was to press on… They are so convenient and styles and lengths are just unlimited.


3 || Pastels


Pastels are staples for spring. They are so flattering on every skin tone and will absolutely add a refresh feel to your spring outfits.


4 || Pantone Yellow


And of course, the color of the year… Yep, Pantone color; sunny yellow is having a moment in the coming spring. But yellows in all their shades from pastel to deeper ones are all over the coming season.


5 || Metallics


Metallics are not going anywhere anytime soon. Shimmery nails are perfect for your evening nights not only for spring. Pair them with your night outfit and you will own the place, literally.

6 || Minimal Graphics


A space for some creativity is always welcomed. Haven’t got those fancy nail tools? No problem,  you can use tools you already have at home like a bobby pin or an eyeliner brush to create these looks.