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Jordan Fashion Week || Talent, Trade & Humanitarian Endeavours

jordan fashion week

Founded by Shirene Rifai, Jordan Fashion Week is a two-day celebration of fashion, talent and empowerment that aims at placing Jordanian talents at the forefront of the regional and global fashion markets; whilst supporting, encouraging and empowering local talents in their endeavours to grow.  Fashion weeks the world over are magnificent showcases of talents and trade, facilitating the formation of unbreakable bonds between the designers and the buyers. How will Jordan Fashion Week be similar to, yet different from, international Fashion Weeks as we know them? 


jordan fashion week


What Is Jordan Fashion Week?

The womenswear/menswear showcase aims at becoming an annual fashion event that will become the official Jordanian platform for fashion and jewelry designers, as well as talents in photography, styling, modelling, and creatives in general. An explosive celebration of style, fashion, culture, and entertainment that will bring together local and regional designers, creatives, retailers, distributors, influencers, manufacturers, and textile owners in an event that will pave the way for future collaborations.


jordan fashion week


The Three Pillars Of Fashion Week

Humanitarian: The most prominent aspect of this Fashion Week however, is the fact that there is a humanitarian aspect that one cannot find anywhere else in the world. It is one of three basic pillars that this fashion week is based upon. Jordan Fashion Week in partnership with the UNHCR will provide aid to refugee camps in Jordan since we are among the top 5 countries providing sanctuary to refugees fleeing their war-torn countries and homes. By spreading awareness and gaining social consciousness, Jordan Fashion Week will help in uncovering the hidden gems of talents in these impoverished communities and will assist in bringing these talents to the limelight. 

Loyalty To Creatives: Jordan Fashion Week is hoping to provide Jordanian talents with opportunities to grow and to acquire the much-needed exposure, confidence and resources needed to establish their brands locally and globally.


jordan fashion week


Tourism: Jordan is blessed with beauty, history, culture and creativity; and Jordan Fashion Week is here to emphasise the strength and importance of the creative aspect of Jordanian talents. By linking local talents with international buyers and media influencers, Jordan Fashion Week aims at pushing creativity and fashion to the forefront of Jordan’s attractions and exports; thus assisting in making Jordan more marketable and helping towards economic, social and environmental progress and development. 

When & Where?

Jordan Fashion Week will be held at the Onyx Hall which is managed by Kempinski Hotel Amman on March 29th and 30th. 

The Events?

There will be 18 catwalk shows on their official schedule in addition to 26 showrooms and presentations of ready-to-wear, fine jewelry, and accessories. There will be exhibitions running alongside the catwalk shows and visitors can enjoy designer presentations as well as runway shows. Established designers will be presenting on the catwalks while innovative emerging designers will have a chance to showcase their creations through visual representations and exhibits. Visitors can also gain access to press conferences, after-parties and celebrations, and influencer meet and greets, for a valuable chance at networking and establishing partnerships.


jordan fashion week


In a land full of beauty and creativity yet lacking in resources, Jordan Fashion Week is the ultimate answer to a talented population starving for an outlet. Understanding the time and monetary commitments involved in making a brand, Jordan Fashion Week will facilitate the connections, resources and exposures necessary for these emerging designers and brands. Here’s to wishing this amazing endeavour great success for now and the future.