Trending Nail Polish Colors To Warm Up Your Winter Looks

In order to look fashionable, you need to pay extra attention to details. As every little detail you add to your outfit makes a huge difference, from the accessories, shoes, scarves to the nail polish color you choose! In this article let’s talk nails… This winter has brought us a lot of warm shades that we fell in love with. Check them out.


1 || Choco Shades


Caramel and chocolate nail polishes are all the rage this winter. Wear them separately or together for a beautiful warm look. You will also love the Canyon Clay and the cinnamon colors for they are bold and strong but not as harsh as black.


2 || The Blues


If you love blue then you’re gonna enjoy this season’s trends so much. Whether you choose the deep creamy blue, royal blue, shimmery navy, or icy blue you are gonna be super cool and fashionable. They pair perfectly well with your winter palette and they look great on everyone.


3 || Green-ish Shades


Greens are trending this winter. They look great on all skin tones and they are so versatile. Sparkly greens for example are your perfect choice for the holidays. The sparkly mint green on the other hand is neutral enough you won’t feel over the top and just the right amount of festive to get you into the holiday spirit. While olive green is your go-to shade if you are looking for a neutral color that can be paired with anything…


4 || Deep Reds


Oh how much we love shades of red in all seasons! Reds never go out of style, the shades may change a little from one season to another, but it’s always trending. This winter, reds are deeper and warmer. Pair your deep reddish-brown burgundy with almost any winter outfit and you are good to go.


5 || The Multi-Color


Though winter is all about warm deep shades, it won’t hurt to have some bright colors that remind you of the hot summery days. Choose a multi-colored nail polish for a vibrant unexpected look.


6 || Shimmery Silver


This color reminds us of the sparkle of fresh snow which makes it perfect for winter months. Like the previous color, it is not expected for winter. Pair it with your white warm look and enjoy this heavenly winter mix.


7 || Hypnotic


This color shifts, creating the illusion of navy, purple & olive green. If you are looking for irregular nail color, then this one is for you.


8 || Audacity


Right, it is a shade of red but we decided to talk about it separately cause we love it so much. We love how rich and intense this color is, which makes it a winter essential. Audacity is a rich deep wine that is super elegant for the season.