Will ThirdLove Knock Down Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret

ThirdLove, a body-positive bra retailer with a concept focusing on the three important things women seek in their closet: style, feel and fit.ThirdLove launched in 2012.. The brand has made it possible to buy bras without having to go near a fitting room. Shoppers are asked to complete a quiz to determine their perfect bra shape. ThirdLove then ships three bra styles out to the customer, who is then able to trial these styles for up to 30 days.

Cofounder and co-CEO of ThirdLove, Heidi Zak says that the technology will be used in the New York store, removing the anxiety and awkwardness traditionally associated with having sales clerks use a measuring tape to determine a customer’s bra size. Even though shoppers may ask for the service, it can feel like an invasion of privacy, Zak said.


More than 11 million women have taken the quiz, and that ThirdLove now has more than 600 million data points from this. The algorithm is getting smarter and smarter.


Victoria’s Secret


The company came into the spotlight as an antithesis of Victoria’s Secret after it posted a full-page ad in The New York Times, slamming an executive from Victoria’s Secret for his controversial comments about transgender and plus-size models. Their temporary boutique in Manhattan’s SoHo district is only a 10-minute walk from the nearest Victoria’s Secret..

A brand that hit the web with its Fit Finder questionnaire, ThirdLove offers 78 different sizes to attract shoppers tired of tugging at ill-fitting bras.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret was struggling with falling sales and persistent criticism that it hasn’t kept pace with changing consumer demand, including having more diversity in its products and advertising.

50 Victoria’s Secret stores are bound to close this year, about three times the number of recent years..