Louis Vuitton Offers Gym Essentials || Work Out In Style This 2020

Louis Vuitton Offers Gym

Luxury fashion giants have been nailing it since the COVID pandemic took over 2020. High end brands started producing hand sanitizers and protective masks and gowns, operating in what proved to be current situation necessities. Rooting from that, Louis Vuitton’s awareness of the fact that its clientele are currently getting dressed in nothing else but sweatpants and slippers, nothing made more sense other than the fact of launching a workout essentials line targeting at-home workouts, promising to put a smile on LV’s enthusiasts!

Sounds absurd right? However, we’re here to inform you that the limited collection of LV’s sporting goods is almost selling out! A few items remain for sale.

The line ranges in price from $500 to $5,350. At least, it used to: The $500 hippie-inspired glasses case already sold out. So did the next most affordable item: a $670 leather jump rope named Christopher.  When it comes to Vuitton’s $1,970 monogrammed skim board; that too is sold out.

The beach bat is selling for $3,350 beach bat. The ping pong set is for $2,280, while the lustrous metal dumbbells with monogrammed leather grips are selling for $2,720.

If you’re aiming for classics, a  $2,720 volleyball which comes complete with a netted case, and the leather water bottle holder is for $1,400.

A $870 golf kit and $5,350 skis are part of the collection as well.


Here’s to breaking sweat in style!


Louis Vuitton Offers Gym
Louis Vuitton Offers Gym
Louis Vuitton Offers Gym
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