Vault By Vans Releases The Frida Kahlo Collection

Frida Kahlo Collection

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The renown Vault by Vans series which has previously released collections inspired on near-extinct animals by Ralph Steadman, and a military-inspired line by Japanese designer Taka Hayashi, has just dropped its latest footwear honoring Mexican artist Frida Kahlo..

A truly unique collection, one that brings a selection of Kahlo’s painting to life.. Kahlo’s works were best known for her self-portraits,others were  inspired by the nature and culture of Mexico..

The collection consists of 3 sneakers..


Frida Kahlo Collection
Frida Kahlo Collection
Frida Kahlo Collection
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Since her death in 1954, the Mexican painter has become a pop culture icon and a model for feminist ideologies.

Kahlo’s artwork and her image have been featured in museums around the world and on jewelry and clothing. Last year, Mattel launched a Frida Kahlo Barbie doll as part of a batch of dolls based on historical figures.