Fast Fashion is Killing the World || The Case for Slow Fashion and Pre-Loved Items

Fast Fashion-Slow Fashion-Pre-Loved Items

Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry globally after oil production. Our continuous thirst for something new, is fed by our ability to purchase garments at such low prices. It actually costs more to mend a top than to buy a new one, and therein lies the problem.

So what are we supposed to do about it? The question remains do you want to help or do you want to add to the problem? In order for us to end the cycle we must start seeing fashion in a different light, a more flattering one. As it stands now, fast fashion feels like a one night stand (I’ve never had a one night stand but that’s what it sounds like;))

An itch that needs to be scratched, with little regard or respect for the actual product or process. Clothing needs to stop being that quick pick-me-up… but that can only happen if you actually appreciate the process that created the item you are buying, which is where slow fashion comes in….


Fast Fashion


It takes time to create a beautiful item, both inside and outside. In our minds, luxury fashion is a ‘luxury’ afforded to the affluent few. You are probably saying to yourselves as you read this, “You think I would choose Zara over Chanel if I could?” The thing with luxury is that its cycle is much longer, and believe it or not, these items change hands more than once. That’s where the terms pre-loved and vintage enter our lives.


Fast Fashion


Pre-loved items are not people’s hand-me-downs. They are luxury items that are merely changing hands. It is not in the best interest of a pre-loved boutique to stock shabby items that have been used and abused, that would make them the Salvation Army.. When you walk into a chic pre-loved boutique, the inviting space will allow you to appreciate the workmanship and quality of the products on offer. Like fragrances and old novels, certain pieces will hold greater sentimental value, conjuring up episodes in your life that you hold dear. Perhaps that Chanel in the window reminds you of a Paris honeymoon a couple of years ago, and the Parisian window you saw it in… Or the Dior jacket, circa John Galliano reminding you of the rise and fall of John. It’s history, fashion history and you can be part of it…


Fast Fashion


On a personal note, I walked into Fashion House Amman the other day and fell head over heels for a Celine shaved mink biker jacket. Yes you heard right, and I’m pretty sure it was possibly worn twice.. Not only was it heavenly luxurious but it was also epically historic. With the change of hands at Celine recently, Phoebe Philo’s collections for Celine are now more coveted than ever. The cherry on top was my trip to Issa Asfoura my favorite tailor in town. I didn’t tell him about my shopping experience or the brand of the jacket, I simply just put the jacket on. Issa’s jaw-dropped, the quality, workmanship and finishing on the jacket is what dreams were made of. It would be fair to say that Issa and I had a party of sorts turning the jacket inside and out, reveling at the hand stitched hem and fabulous texture of the shaved mink. I’m not one for animal skins, but it would be fair to assume that Celine’s source of fur is ethical…

The moral of the story… Give it a try, it’s not for everyone, but worth exploring. I hope I have made the case for pre-loved fashion!