Fashion Predictions Countdown Day 10 || Privacy

Fashion Predictions

We at CIIN are hoping 2018 will be the year that the world puts its foot down and says, ‘hang on a minute, what are you doing with all my information?’ What we are experiencing today, in CIIN’s books is virtual stalking.You check out a handbag on Farfetch and all of a sudden it pops up on Facebook and Instagram.You find yourself following Instagram accounts that you are sure you never chose to follow.

As for Google that is another kettle of fish all together, its actually terrifying what they know about each and everyone of us.It’s no surprise that certain articles and companies crop up on your browser…The question remains, what us will they use our info for in the future?

If you go to a large corporation and are handed a laptop, the first thing they will ask you to do is cover the camera on your computer, because you can be spied on.BBC yesterday reported that your devices, be it a talking TV or a ‘siri’ style gadget is also capable of recording your conversations when OFF.

The scandalous US elections, and Russia’s intervention is another example of how we can be affected.Russians apparently posted fake news on Facebook which US citizens believed which inadvertently affected their choice of President.

We believe that 2018 is the year that the world will stand up to this obvious breech of privacy, and we will all be questioning why we didn’t do it sooner. This reminds me of the garbage we were convinced to eat in the 80s.I am a child of the late seventies and eighties and fondly recall my staple sandwiches of enriched flour white slice bread, bologna and slice cheese.If you were to think about it, none of these three ingredients in fact resemble the real thing.That isn’t really bread, bologna is not meat and the only similarity between slice cheese and real cheese is the color yellow…It took over 2 decades for us the stand up and say, ‘hang on, what the heck are you feeding us?’