8 Luxury Items with Great Resale Value

Items With Resale Value

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that are willing to part with their luxury items and those that won’t for sentimental reasons.  I am obviously of the former!  I love getting a great bang from my pre-loved items.

Just to dispel any unrealistic expectations.. Luxury items that re-sell fast are usually in excellent condition, with very very little wear and tear.  They are also popular models that either no longer made, or have increased in price.  They must be purchased from an authorized dealer, and if you still have the receipt even better. A friend of a friend let me in on a little secret, keep the receipt in the pocket that way you’ll never lose it.  The importance of the receipt isn’t in the amount paid, but in the place of purchase.  Validating the authenticity of an item is much easier if you can show them where you bought it from.

People always assume that investing in items that have a good resale value requires thousands of dollars, but that isn’t true at all.  On the contrary, it is often the less expensive items that are faster to off-load.  The way re-sale value is calculated is by the percent of retail price that you can expect to get back. Below are eight luxury items that have great resale value, happy selling 😉


1 || Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster


Omega is a great brand, and the resale value of the Seamaster series (one of the best know of the brand’s series) in particular is very good because the price of the watch increases substantially every few years. Between 2016 and 2018, the price increase was about 15%. So, if you have been fortunate enough to purchase an Omega Seamaster at a discount, then the resale value will increase even more.

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2 || Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie


Yep you read right, it pays to buy streetwear!  Purchasing a Supreme traditional box logo hoodie can be good for your wallet should you choose to resell it.  The resale value is more than triple, valued at over $900.  This of course is due to the fact that they are very hard to come by.  So if you do owe one already, take good care of it!


3 || Goyard St. Louis Tote

Goyard St. Louis Tote


This classic purchase is also a winner at the re-selling ‘box office’.  The fact that the handbag can only be purchased from a handful of locations worldwide increases the resale value substantially.  Add to that the fact that you will probably need to stand in line to get into the store, plus the fact that you can’t buy more than two per year, makes it a highly desired item.  Expect to resell your excellent condition Goyard for the same amount that you bought it for.


4 || Van Cleef & Arpels Al Hambra Jewelry

Van Cleef & Arpels Al Hambra Jewelry


According to luxury resale company The RealReal, Van Cleef & Arpels Al Hambra line came in the top resale value spot two years in a row, 2017 and 2018, with an impressive 74%.  This means that you can expect to receive 74% of the retail price on the brand’s products from the Al Hambra line. Add to that the VAT that you get back in Europe (if we ever fly again ;)) and it’s looking like a solid purchase.


5 || Some Louis Vuitton Models

Louis Vuitton Models


Louis Vuitton generally resells well, but the real winners are the Multipochette Accessories Monogram, which increased from $1550 to $1640 to now $1900 in the first few months of its launch,  Métis, which increased 8% from 2019-2020, Neverfull and Speedy models increased a 10% average in the past year alone. This continuous climb in prices and their popularity as models, means that there is always someone on the look out for a pre-loved bag.  The re-sale price offered may not be what you paid, but it will be very close indeed.


6 || Small Accessories From Chanel

Chanel Accessories


If we are talking big budgets, then a Chanel handbag from the classic collections (maxi, jumbo, boy and 2.55) would be obvious choices.  On a budget however a Chanel accessory will do just as nicely, a leather wallet, a wallet on chain if you can afford it, or even a camellia brooche.  What you shouldn’t consider are the fashion jewelry items from Chanel that devalue substantially.


7 || Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf


Not many of us can afford an Hermes handbag, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something from Hermes.  The scarves are actually great resale items, holding their value over the years.  The same could be said of the accessories at Hermes, be it their small leather goods or their fashion jewelry, but to be on the safe side, stick to the scarves.  At times, the re-sale value of an item incorporates the time it takes to sell.  Good re-sale items don’t sit on the market for very long.


8 || Moncler Puffer Jacket

Moncler Puffer Jacket


Next to the Chanel boucle jacket, this item is one of the most value re-sale items.  Moncler has invested heavily in their brand.  Turning what may have once been considered a fashion item, into a timeless, solid investment piece, who would have known.  The fact that Moncler’s prices are always climbing also, makes them more valuable as well.