The Anti ‘Anti-Ageing’ Movement That Is Taking The Beauty World By Storm

Anti Ageing Movement

It’s about time we start to welcome the term ‘ageing’ to our lives, accepting that our skin ages is a fact of life, using anti-ageing as an expression that should start to die on us, hopefully..US’s best-known beauty magazine Allure, proudly announced it’s going to stop using the term ‘anti-ageing’ in its posts..


Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that ageing is a condition we need to battle” explained Michelle Lee in her editor’s letter. “Changing the way we think about ageing starts with changing the way we talk about ageing.


Just by reading the term ‘anti-ageing on products, this common byword was sadly what narrowed down an ‘older’ woman’s choice when shopping for cosmetics, knowing deep inside that she has ‘aged’, became ‘older’, is kind of mean, sexist and judgemental isn’t it??brands such as RoC and Nivea banned this term ten years ago!Claiming that nothing can stop the passage of time, it is still used on websites though, in magazines, and in everyday terminology.


Anti Ageing Movement


Which brings us to the age of new terminology; ‘age inclusive’ and ‘for older skin’ are being preferred to ‘anti-ageing.. It’s simply a more inclusive approach. Jane Cunningham, founder of the site says: “Treating age as something that needs ‘curing’ is pointlessly demoralising for anyone over 30,” “I’d like to see brands celebrating beauty at all ages. Beauty is not one thing, it’s many things.”

Just as we were faced with the ‘body-shamers’ a year ago, embracing your body curves became a big deal and changed the way women perceived their bodies.. This cultural shift was also rising in terms of beauty.. Older models and celebrities the likes of Helen Mirren (72) Allure magazine’s September issue cover star, Lauren Hutton (73) and Sylviane Degunst (59) were all featured in campaigns, this year.


Anti Ageing Movement


We are no longer fixated with wrinkles – radiant skin is the new measure of youth. The trend is to take more of a long-term view with a self-care attitude. To consider environmental and lifestyle factors like climate, sun, pollution, diet and stress.


This change may also reflect the holistic approach people are now taking towards health and wellness – with more consideration given to mind, body and soul than our physical appearance.

It is a fact now that the renaming and repackaging of products has already begun.. Pro Age (Dove), Age-Defying (Olay), Age Perfect (L’Oreal) and Slow Age (Vichy) , are all new phrases being used on a selection of moisturisers in lieu of anti-ageing. By using more positive alternatives to the phrase anti-ageing is a start, all of a sudden the revolution doesn’t look so dramatic after all.