Squadded Shopping Party || A Virtual Shopping-With-The-Gals App Is The Latest Trend

Squadded Shopping Party

The past two months were the most unique to mankind, they truly defined and tested countless aspects of our lives.. Ask anyone around you and they’ll admit how they employed this vacant time in multiple ways and discovered quite a lot about who they truly are.. Yes, we’ve been behaving recently; organizing clutter, catching up on reading, social distancing, working out, cooking and last but not least, online shopping. Spending quarantine sanely had to come in parallel with online shopping, filling that void of physically going to malls and shops was a dire need to us all. However, what most of us miss and online shopping could never fulfill, is that one shopping companion you’d simply need a nod -or not- from before you go ahead and buy anything..

Good news is here though, thanks to Elysa Kahn – former L’Oréal brand manager-  virtual shopping with all of your friends is quarantine- friendly and made possible once again!  Khan has launched a new social platform called ‘Squadded Shopping Party’ that allows users to shop with others in their favorite online stores…


Squadded Shopping Party


The idea of being able to talk to my friends and get an authentic review when I go shopping is very important for me,” Kahn said in a statement. “That element is missing online.


By building a browser extension for fashion e-commerce sites, like Asos, Sephora, Boohoo, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing,

you are required to download and install the extension, open your favorite fashion website and invite your friends to shop on Squadded, all for free. Once items are added to your “wishlist,” those in your network can interact—aka tell you “yay or nay. No more sending links, fitting room selfies or snapshots for friends’ approval anymore!