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Victoria’s Secret Angels Don’t Have It Easy…

Victoria’s Secret Angels

The event that has more than half a billion viewers clamoring to watch is just around the corner. We all look with envy as the world’s top beauties strut down the runway with barely-there clothing and not a shred of self-doubt….and we sadly think that not all humans are created equal….

What we fail to see is the grueling amount of work that actually goes on behind the scenes for the models to come out looking like they do. Rumors are always circulating about the crazy methods models adopt to maintain their dreamy physiques, such as their insane exercise regimes, their liquid diets, or even resorting to dehydrating themselves right before a show…

However, upon closer investigation we were able to gather for you some of their tried and tested ways that we mere mortals can apply….


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Hydration and sleep: There is no magic here; staying hydrated will always top the list….aim for 2-4 litres of water daily and make sure you hit the pillow no less than 7-9 hours each night.


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Diet: To maintain the unattainable ratio of 18% body fat, Victoria’s Secret Angels avoid all sugars including fruits. They eliminate alcohol, processed foods, dairy and gluten; however, as the show draws nearer they are only allowed protein and fat.

The angels’ high-protein, high-fat, low-carb diet is a tough one to maintain and may cause some nutritional and hormonal imbalances but we can still learn a thing or two here…

We have to learn to incorporate clean all-natural foods into our diet. We must ensure that we’re having well balanced meals that include lots of greens, healthy fats and oils, lean proteins, good carbs and fiber. We should also limit our intake of foods that lead to indigestion, constipation, and bloating.


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Exercise: Those lean, hard physiques may be a gift of nature for some, but the hard work involved in prepping and maintaining them is no laughing matter.The 180cm-tall angels increase their exercise sessions prior to a show and focus on strength training and weight lifting. It is said that some of them carry more weight than what they actually weigh themselves. They alternate between carrying very high weights on some days and doing higher repetitions of lighter weights on other days.

It is also rumored that they stop exercising 3 days before the show, only to do calisthenics or weight training on the day of the show before their hair and makeup, for a pre-show pumped up look.

As for the models’ preferred workouts; Allessandra Ambrosio is a pilates enthusiast and the ankle weights are a must for her muscle building. Lilly Aldridge and Sara Sampaio swear by Barre classes and Modelfit classes, which target small groups of muscles to minimize the chance of injury. Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss are into boxing, while Taylor Hill prefers cross fit and high intensity workouts, which she balances out with yoga. The P90x workout is another popular method that focuses on interval strength training and Jasmine Tooks is a fan. A lot of models are also fans of the P. Volve method that approaches fitness though a series of targeted exercises without the fear of injury and bulking up.


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Stress Management: In addition to the above, the models incorporate stress management techniques to help deal with all the stress leading up to the show. They are encouraged to meditate, have massages, take long baths, and go for walks to release the tension building up from massive amount of prepping that takes place before the show.