Tom Ford || Reassess Your Image Every Five Years

Tom Ford

Tom Ford urges women to reassess their image every five years.

The revered designer is admired for his elegant and ladylike creations, winning over fans in the form of Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

With his style status comes a wealth of knowledge, some of which he shared with The Edit .

“Reassess your style every five years. Bodies change, looks change, everything changes, so every five years you need to take off all your clothes and reassess yourself,” he advised. “Try your clothes on and see what still works and what should be rethought – not in an emotional way but in a detached way. Also, do it on your own, because it’s not about what your friends or partner think, it’s about how you feel.”


Tom Ford


Tom compiled a list of his ultimate style rules for the publication and also recommended females not be dictated by fashion. When he sees a woman dressed head-to-toe in a runway ensemble he can’t help but feel a little sad as he thinks outfits should be individual.

With that said, Tom believes making an effort is important when it comes to dressing.


Tom Ford


“No matter what your personal style, people have to look at you in the same way they have to look at a building, or a piece of art, or a table, or a new car,” he added. “You become a part of the photograph, the landscape, someone’s vision.”

He doesn’t see the need for ladies to have wardrobe essentials, but does think a little black dress is a valuable purchase. This is because the design is so versatile, as he points out it can be worn for all occasions from a funeral to a job interview.