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Jen Wonders
Image courtesy of Jen Wonders

Every once in a while, we discover a great idea that is so obvious that it begs the same question every time..why didn’t I think of that.

Parisian Jen Azoulay, aka Jen Wonders , is an LA-based Parisian influencer, creative director, stylist and now designer.  Her brand Jen Wonders Studio is a fresh (albeit) obvious take on sustainability.  Although the accessories industry has been rife with artists adorning pre-loved handbags.  The idea of adorning one of a kind pre-loved vintage items of clothing has till now been left generally unexplored.


Jen Wonders


French-born Jen Azoulay has been in the fashion business for more that 15 years, zigzagging from LA to Paris and back.  Jen started her career in Paris at Elle Magazine. She then moved to Los Angeles and worked as a stylist and creative director for a number of brands.  Years later, Jen found herself back in Paris at Dior, where she worked in visual merchandising for over 6 years.

In 2016, Jen moved back to Los Angeles and dedicated her time to fashion blogging.  Her popular Instagram account  establishing her as a highly sought after influencer and creative director.  From her passion for vintage stemmed an original idea that allowed her creative expression and reinforced her belief in sustainability : Jen Wonders Studio  was born.


Jen Wonders


Her brand philosophy is based on a number of beliefs.  First the need to incorporate small and local businesses into the sustainability formula.  At Jen Wonders, the hand-picked vintage pieces are adorned exclusively with the help of small local businesses.

Secondly, the belief in individuality, which is encouraged with unique, one-off designs.  This eco-luxe system is something that Jen strongly believes in, with the motivation to reduce and reuse high on her agenda.  The result are highly-coveted, repurposed fashion pieces that encourage personal style and sustainability.  The fact that Jen is so well-versed in the world of both vintage and fashion means that the pieces chosen and the way in which they are adorned is to a high level of sophistication that is the basis of the eco-luxe system that she aims to standardize in the sustainable fashion industry.