The Best Hair Accessories To Try This Summer

Hair accessories have become essentials in every woman’s wardrobe as they can change the whole look majorly. This season’s trends are super comfy yet trendy. Whether you love to put your hair up with a scrunchie or accessories it with some colorful and refreshing bobby pins there is something for you. Here are the best hair accessories trends that you will want to try this summer.



1 || The Knotted Headbands


Huge headbands of the last season are here to stay. This season they are knotted with patterns, beads or pearls. This is your go-to piece with your meeting uniform and your sweats as well. It is great for hiding your bad hair day in an elegant way, put your look together and keep your hair away from your face. You can make your own knotted headband using a scarf. It is gonna look perfect in a beach day.


2 || Pearls


Pearls are classics. They are timeless and add a dreamy touch to any hairstyle you choose. Choose any of the rest hair accessories with pearls and see magic happens.


3 || Oversized Scrunchies


So functional and comfy. This trend goes perfectly well with the comfortable feel of 2021 take on fashion. If you are having a bad hair day all you have to do is to put your hair up  in a loose ponytail or a bun with a cozy scrunchie and you are good to roll.


4 || Stack It


Poppy pins were big in 2020 and they made their way to 2021 too. The best way to upgrade any hair style whether it is a ponytail, bun or a loose hair is by adding a stack of funcky poppy bins to it. If you have dark hair choose decorative pins with lighter colors, and use darker pins if you are blond.


5 || Claw Clips


Want a really quick eye-catchy hairstyle? claw clips are the answer. Simply clip your hair together with a large decorative clip for a casual yet feminine look. Choose the golden ones for an elegant look, and the plastic with patterns or stones for a more playful one.


6 || Black Bows


It a Chanel kind of thing. A black bow is all what you need if you are someone who loves low or high ponytails. A simple way to add femininity in an elegant way to your outfits. If you love to dress up at home, pair your black bow with your loungewear for an instant lift.


7 || Hats


Add some drama to your outfit by putting on your so cool hat. We have seen different hat styles and shapes on 2021 runways from the wide-brimmed versions to the casual caps.