Are You Ready for the BLAST || Ulysses Nardin

Ulysses Nardin

Famed Swiss watchmaker to the fast and furious, Ulysses Nardin  merges the worlds of respect and reverence for the time-keeping tradition with the innovation and energy that comes from the world’s greatest disruptors.  This explosive combination of excellence in both the fields of discovery and history have created a unique niche for Ulysses Nardin, epitomizing their razor-sharp vision and philosophy in the watch-making world.   The brand encourages customers to think outside the box, tapping into their unique energy.


Let’s awaken the dormant Ulysses who lies beneath the surface.  Let’s examine the x-rays of our souls, beyond the mirrors, the appearances.


2020 is the year of the BLAST, in more than one way I suppose..

The revered watchmakers have entered the market with an explosion of design and mechanization in the form of ‘BLAST’.  The Executive Tourbillon’s latest incarnation is self-described as ‘a technological prowess made with rockstar and edgy lines’. Tapping into the very Earth, BLAST is a super-charged technological wonder, a ripped Xplosion of volcanic energy and magma power, steeped in classic Ulysses Nardin savoir-faire.


Ulysses Nardin


An avatar of its time, a potent force of nature, the BLAST is a fresh, muscular and robust open-worked model.  Playing off the transparency of its new powerful automatic silicium tourbillon nested in a bold, X-shaped cage, which beats inside at a frequency of 2.5 Hz. Light penetrates the open-worked body of the watch like a laser.

In the world of watches, there is often a distinct line separating the design of the watch from the technical specifics.  In BLAST, Ulysses Nardin once again blend both worlds to create a comprehensive design where it is often difficult to identify the proverbial line of separation.  It is this magical property that charges the watch with a palpable and powerful energetic energy.  Launched at the Geneva Watch Day, under the theme Xploration of the Xtremes, the watch which was 18 months in the making from concept to creation; boasts three new distinct features.

Firstly, the horns of BLAST have been redesigned to mimic the sharp wings of a stealth aircraft as it slices through a storm.  The geometric architecture of the tessellated horns creates a pumped-up, vigorous and imposing masterpiece.


Ulysses Nardin


Secondly, the watch boasts a brand new powerful automatic sillicium tourbillon for the first time within the Ulysse Nardin SKELETON collection, which beats inside at a frequency of 2.5 Hz. Watch lovers the world over will reel under the force of these impressive new standards in watch-making movement.  This atomic bomb of a watch is powered by the recently fashioned UN-172 movement (an evolution of the UN-171 movement) and has a three-day power reserve.

Thirdly, BLAST’s closure is a self-deploying buckle which releases effortlessly in just one click.  Thanks to a new patented 3 blade system that opens in a synchronized manner, it snaps open like a couple sharing a dynamic and erotic tango dance.  Stunningly easy, powerfully secure.


Ulysses Nardin


To embody this volatile life force, Ulysse Nardin is partnering with Carsten Peter, a nature photographer and storyteller of the Xtreme. His Xplosive images take the viewer to places most would never dare to go; over glaciers, into tornadoes and right up to the intense heat present around volcanoes. Carsten is an award-winning and regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine specialized in capturing never-before-seen images of some of the most remote and dangerous places on the planet. Using innovative techniques, he is a pioneer, bringing toxic caverns, thermal caves and lava lakes to life before sharing them with the world. Climber, paraglider, caver, diver and canyoner, Carsten is obsessed with original photographic techniques that permit him to capture images from some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Carsten embodies the Ulysse Nardin spirit and the desire within us all to embark upon our own Odyssey.


Ulysses Nardin


BLAST wears it “X” prominently and with pride.The “X” has become an underlying theme progressing transversally throughout all Ulysse Nardin collections and has affirmed its presence in all four BLAST models. Its shape-within-shape-within-shape geometry is a visual delight: an “X”, framed in a rectangle, both inside a circle.

BLAST is available in four 45mm styles, Ice: White Blast and Blue Blast.  Fire: Rose Gold Blast and Black BLAST.  For further details on the watch, please contact TIME CENTER, Jordan.