Modern Utility || The Spring Trend That Will Dominate Your Wardrobe

utility trend runway

To say the least, this spring your credit cards and bank account will suffer! As we are surrounded with a plethora of outstanding fashion trends, there is no getting away from temptation. As we have introduced the ruffles trend a couple of days ago, we are introducing your wardrobe to this practical yet striking trend. 

Modern utility will soon become the look taking over your wardrobe. When we say utility, it goes way beyond merely low and grungy.. The 2019 cargo pant will be transforming into a more elegant and sophisticated version. Dresses with every con­ceiv­able pocket pos­si­ble will be displayed in abundance, celebrating al­lur­e merging with relaxed coolness while simultaneously embracing a mul­ti­-coloured palette. 

Utility is’’it’ this season… Check out the Modern Utility trend here.


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