Elbi || Another Model Philanthropist Making A Difference


When Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova teamed up with a former Google employee to develop a philanthropy app another successful coding initiative has been launched and is making a huge difference! (Thanks to Kode with Klossy )! Having had a tough childhood herself, and raised by her mother alone, Natalia had to work at the age of 11 years in order to support her big family, add to that caring for her disabled little sister as her mother was overwhelmed with four jobs simultaneously! Up until the moment when her boyfriend encouraged her to join a modeling agency and luck hit her hard!




To make things more clear, Elbi is a mobile app that aims to make it easier and more fun for people to reach out and engage with charities. With as little as a £1 donation, made with a click on the “Love Button,” you will be part of an amazing platform that brings the power of social and digital worlds to charities and connects them with people around the world.. Small actions make big differences, that’s Elbi’s motto, talk about a simple humanitarian act of cheering up a sick child in need of a medical procedure, or creating a content for classrooms in small and remote villages, “Games at Breakfast”, “Water for Schools,” and “Cartoon Time” are examples of seasonal deeds featured on the app!


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Updated on a daily basis, Elbi shows you videos for charity campaigns around the world, all you need is a jump of a heart beat and make the donation.. As the app gains users, those small donations can add up to major sums to help those in need on a global scale.

The cherry on top comes in when you earn as a reward a LoveCoin, which you can redeem in the constantly-restocked LoveShop, that features brands like Christian Louboutin, Fendi, designer jewelry and luxury handbags.