The Coolest Party Makeup Looks For A Glamorous Holiday

This time of the year is just magical. And although the conditions are abnormal this year, we still feel the festive vibes in the air. Yes, we may experience partying differently this year. But even the Zoom parties and socially distant family gatherings are still parties right? This means they need you to dress up and you can’t call it a dress-up without a sparkly makeup look.

A holiday party is your perfect excuse to go wild; to play with sparkly shadows and bold lipsticks that have been sitting at the back of your makeup drawer all year long. Whether you love glitters, metallics, mattes, or brights we’ve got something for you. Read on for the coolest party makeup inspiration that will get you ready for your Zoom party, socially distant family gathering or just to get you in the spirit. Have fun 🙂


1 || Glitter Eyeliner


Holidays call for glitter. An easy minimal look to get you ready for your night. Pulling off this stunning look is way easier than it looks. Draw your base eyeliner with glitter glue or cream shadow, use tape to get sharp edges. Using your fingers and while the base is still tacky, pat on a loose glitter of your choice. Remove the tape and use it to pick up any stray glitter around your eyes. Add lip gloss and you are good to roll.


2 || Festive Wine Lips


Yes, although the focus this year is on the eyes, we still have options for every scenario. It can’t be called a holiday season without some red lips. If you are a no-makeup makeup girl most of the year, the holiday season is your perfect time to try a bolder look. Opt for minimal eye makeup with dramatic wine lips. Make sure you choose a longwear lipstick to stay put under the mask.


3 || Jewel Eyes


Jewel tones are for winter. This holiday go for jewel eye makeup and dip into richer tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. Make sure you keep everything else as neutral as possible for your eyes to pop.


4 || Shimmery Eyes


It is time to experiment with the sparkly shadow you have been keeping for so long. Go bold and swipe your lids with some shimmery eyeshadow for a stunning festive look. If shimmer all over your lid feels too intense, focus it on your inner corners.


5 || Sculpted Cheeks


Rather than the harsh contour try to sculpt your face gently using a blush. Choose a bronzy-pink blush for a warm wide-awake look. Keep your eye makeup as simple and neutral as possible and for the lips go for nudes.


6 || Soft Glam


Play it safe and opt for earthy toned shadow, rose lips, and a lot of highlighters. Holiday or not, you can’t go wrong with this look.


7 || Graphic Liner


The graphic liner has gotten really popular in the last few months. Well, with the mask being our new lip makeup, it is not shocking that we have come up with new makeup ideas for the eyes. This holiday opt for something edgy and unleash the makeup artist in you. Take your time getting the right shape and keep some pointed cotton swabs and makeup remover on-hand to fix any mistakes.