Dressing in the Time of Corona || 7 Styling Tips

As the second wave of Corona shows its ugly face, we are once again forced to spend more and more time indoors.  Interestingly during this second lockdown in its many and forever changing forms we as individuals have little resemblance to the persons we were in the first lockdown earlier in the year.  Firstly, we have finally come to terms with the fact that corona is not going to disappear any time soon, which means that we are going to have to live with it.  And hiding indoors for the rest of our lives in our sweats is not really an option.

You may be struggling at this time, with all the tempting winter collections flirting with you for some attention, you may be torn between a ‘I miss shopping so much, BUT where exactly am I going to wear this stuff’.  I genuinely believe that there is a middle ground, we will go back to shopping, but our habits will have to change.  Here are my two cents on the matter.


1 || Sweats Are Not The Answer


Sweats may not be as appealing as they were at the start of the pandemic.  I for one am yearning for a slightly more sophisticated look to tide me over this winter, as I continue to live mostly indoors.  It’s a matter of morale and emotional wellbeing!  Instead of sweats it is time to consider luxurious fabrics in loose cuts that will add comfort and yes (a little flair) to your look.  Instead of good old fashioned cottons, how about some wool blends that are as soft as cashmere?  In fabulously-cut drawstring style pants and matching sweaters.  We would highly recommend you consider playing with color, to also boost your morale. Beige makes you feel beige.  But beige with a dash of lilac and perhaps even a grey thrown into the mix has an entirely different feel.  Oysho has become a new favorite for many of us, always serving a healthy dose of dependable undies and pajamas, they have widened their selection to include some truly beautiful and affordable, good quality lounging separates.   


2 || When Outside Consider Versatile Items 


One of the greatest dilemmas is definitely.. do I need a new coat? Is there anything more delicious than a fabulous new coat?  Unfortunately, value for money is not really on the side of a great outdoorsy coat.  It would be a better idea to purchase an item that can easily be layered.  One of the most desirable items of clothing this season for us is the dependable cape, simply because it can be worn with almost anything underneath without feeling like a stuffed sausage, you can also just as easily wear it indoors for a while, like a luxurious blanket.  So the keyword here is real versatility.  Opt for items that are easiest to layer, and can also possibly be worn indoors and out.  We are in love with our Farida cape and so are you by the look of things… Soft enough to wrap you up at home, it is also perfect for the great outdoors, but pop a thicker sweater underneath.  


3 || Multi-Function Wins


Now is the time to get the greatest bang for your buck, it is also a time when we are truly not bothered with a multitude of items of clothing.  If there is one thing that has held true during both lockdowns it is our need for a clean space, our incessant closet organization hasn’t abated.  It is for this reason that multi-function is so tempting.  A jacket with a removable lining for example, which can be worn in cool and cold weather.  Or a reversible item, (gentle reminder our Farida cape is also reversible;) Even a great pair of shearling Birkenstocks for example that you can wear around the house, or for a quick trip to the supermarket (I genuinely can’t think of anywhere else to recommend going.). Naturally, these shoes need to be cleaned well before bringing them back into the house.  The good news is that we are all now Corona-cleaning pros!


4 || Is There Anything More Beautiful Than A Great Pair of House Slippers?


If you have padding around your home in socks and flip flops for the past few months then now is the time to get yourself a great pair of sheepskin slippers or even ballerina flats.  We are quite obsessed with the shearling flats from Fur Deluxe, and clearly everyone else is also obsessed as they are almost sold out!  They also have the prettiest pair of shearling sandals that can also be worn indoors and outdoors.  Definitely morale-boosting.


5 || Consider Add-Ons


If you are feeling attached to specific items in your wardrobe, wearing them over and over again, you are not alone!  Still, it is worth throwing on something different just for a change.  This is where scarves come in and again they are so versatile and can be worn both indoors and outdoors, which makes them more realistic.  Another item you can consider is a wooly hat, yes you heard right!  Find the style that suits you best and take the plunge.  Actually, with our new lifestyle, our hair doesn’t always need to look ‘amazing’, which means that a great cap or beanie can in fact come in quite handy as well.


6 || Consider Pre-loved


If you are already on the pre-loved bandwagon then, good for you!  If you aren’t, then there really isn’t a better time to try it out!  As we ponder life’s greatest questions, one that you may have come across is the true value of luxury items.. They actually have meaning and history, not just fashion value.  With this paradigm shift, you will start to see fashion differently, appreciating items for a variety of elements not just how ‘fashionable and trending they are’. Seriously that ship sailed a while ago.  I for one, have always been obsessed with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s work for Balenciaga, (before he moved to Louis Vuitton).  The Moto handbags that he created for Balenciaga will go down in history for sure.  Interestingly the first Moto Lariat bag was rejected by Balenciaga’s management, Kate Moss in addition to a few other models had other plans, and opted to carry the bag onto the runway during the 2001 fashion show, thus making fashion history.  Now wouldn’t you want to own a bag with that sort of history?  I certainly would, which is why I have been scouring the internet for a pre-loved one as they have become quite hard to come by.  That’s what I am talking about… Consider items for more than just their fashion value.  


7 ||  It’s A Good Time To Experiment


We have been set in our ways for many years, and 2020 has given us the opportunity to experiment actually!  We are not talking about buying a new style coat, that you have never considered before, at full price, online, with little possibility of a return or exchange! That is still a little too risky for us… What we are talking about those rules that you had set for yourself, for no real reason apparently. Are you a ‘I don’t like custom jewelry’ kind of gal or a ‘I don’t believe in skincare brands from the local pharmacy.’ Or perhaps even, ‘I am just not a yoga kind of person.’ Well as we are hanging around waiting for like to get back to some resemblance of normal, you can probably start considering something new…. I have in the past few months discovered some wicked products at my local pharmacy that I didn’t even know about.  My very favorite is the in-shower body oil by SVR, it’s truly heavenly both as a product and as a price.  And what of those $50 earrings that I bought the other day, seriously they are gorgeous! I have also finally invested in a kindle.. and my life has changed dramatically..  True to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone, you will never know what you will find!