How Much Do Celebrities Make In Brand Endorsements Anyway ?

Celebrities Make In Brand Endorsements

As we flip through magazine September issues, we are struck not only by the number of advertisements, after all March and September are the blockbuster issues for the fashion media industry, but also by the unlikely endorsements.


Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez debuts her collaboration with American label coach this month.The songstress who is in our opinion much more Louis Vuitton than she is Coach made a whopping $10 million to become the face of Coach, and create a line of handbags for the label.


Jennifer Aniston


Over the years there have been other unlikely combinations, Jennifer Aniston and Emirates Airlines for example.Although the figure paid to Aniston is not known, Emirate airlines stated in the 2015 press release that the paid $20 million just to secure TV spots for the advertisements.


Kendall Jenner


The Queen of endorsements is undoubtedly Sofia Vergara however, who made $40 million in 2016.The highest paid TV actress of 2016 is reported to make $1 million per Modern Family episode but her true earnings lie in lucrative endorsements for Cover Girl, Burger King, Pepsi and Rooms-to-Go.


Sofia Vergara