Bvlgari’s Artsy Quarantine Fix Might Be Exactly What You Need


Quarantine life has just been extended, by now, most of us have a clearer description of their survival methods. Maintaining our sanity in such tough and limiting times has been a challenge. Some resorted to cooking, others to organizing and decluttering. Most delved into home workouts while others are couch-potato-ing like there’s no tomorrow.. However, when your freedom is physically compromised, mentally, the sky is no limit. Bvlgari did it again! After creating a hand sanitizer as a tool to face the COVID19 crisis, Bvlgari shifted back to what it stands for; graceful creativity and timeless beauty..


Bvlgari brings a splash of color and joy to you and your little ones with these fun coloring and creative activities. Sending you our best wishes & keep safe


Bvlgari has created a little something for those of us who got the thrills for coloring..  The brand has created adult coloring books stating that,


during this extraordinary time, we would like to bring a touch of delightful fun for you and your family.


An eight-page coloring book which features four of Bvlgari’s classic products – the ‘Serpenti’ bag, the ‘HJ’ necklace, the ‘Serpenti’ bracelet and the ‘Octo’ watch has been launched. With 2 different versions; the product offers one book to color in, and another blank canvas which allows the artist to be a bit more creative by designing it with their own details. Yes, a glorious chance to design your own Bvlgari item!


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Of course, the brand thinks of everything: A quick hack in case you don’t have a printer at home – place the blank white sheet on the screen of your laptop and trace the outlines of the sketch. Go bright and bold, or keep it minimal and with monotones and tag your masterpiece on social media with #BvlgariInColours