Ignoring the Trends, This is How Fashion Will Change This Summer

Summer Fashion trend

As the world embraces a new order, one of more sparsity and minimalism, it would be safe to assume that the world of fashion would go down the same route as well.  Perhaps even negating Spring/Summer trends that were created in September 2019, what feels like an eternity ago.  This is what we expect to happen.


1 || The Timeless Will Reign Supreme

Summer Fashion trend


Well the fashion houses of Chanel and Louis Vuitton has just made things very clear with an increase in prices of their products.  Understandably, as. Production processes are hampered the cost of products will increase.  There is perhaps a second reasoning also, and that is the increased importance in timeless designer brands.  Going forward people will be more readily willing to invest in expensive, well-made pieces.  The difference perhaps will be in the number of items purchased.  As we embrace a new ‘need-to-own’ attitude towards shopping, there will be less bought which explains the increase in prices as well.


2 || The Return of Minimalist Design

Summer Fashion trend


With our new found appreciation for the basics, we believe there will be a paring down in the design elements of items.  The Plexi, diamond-encrusted fluorescent heels adopted by brands in the recent past will become embarrassing, for their sheer excessiveness.  We will adopt a more natural approach, substituting artificial textures with more natural materials such as linens and raffia.

Or it could go the other way entirely for others.  Those with an ‘you only live once’ approach will binge on the excess, mixing and matching textures, colors and embellishments like there is literally, no tomorrow.


3 || The Silhouettes Will Change

Summer Fashion trend


Silhouettes are perhaps one of the most telling attributes of one’s attire.  As we look back on history, some of the most important fashion statements were made in lengths, waistlines and shoulder pads.  When Monsieur Dior raised the hemlines on his skirts in the Fifties, it was a defiant nod to more freedom for women.  The shoulder pad if the Eighties spelled out, ‘what men can do, women can do too.’ Not to mention the messages of women’s emancipation in the Sixties.

Well we believe that silhouettes will embrace a woman’s natural body shape, with a return of the hourglass shape, but in a much less obvious manner.  If a fitted, deep decolleté, midi Dolce & Gabbana dress comes to mind when you hear the word hourglass, thing again.  This time it will be a soft fabric gently settling on a woman’s figure, barely defining it.  There will be a more gentle approach to the outline of a body, which emphasizes femininity, in the appreciation of it, not the objectification.


4 || Colors Will Be Bolder

Summer Fashion trend


Just like skies and rivers have become less polluted, so will the colors we wear.  The brightest and richest tones will most likely be coming our way.  A celebration of colors has always been a celebration of life, and let’s just say when this is all over, we will have a lot to celebrate.

Color combinations will be unabashed, with poppy reds matched to vibrant blues and rich yellows.  Color blocking, tie-dye and all other color mixing techniques all be celebrated.  This will of course naturally cause a paring down in design elements and accessories.


5 || The Earth’s Accessories

Summer Fashion trend


Before COVID, accessories were going back to the Eighties, with a celebration of oversized plastic jewelry in boisterous fluorescent shades.  Going forward, we will go back to nature for our accessory cues.  Bold and smooth gold designs reminiscent of the desert sand dunes.  Tortoise and bone bracelets (causing no harm to animals) will be adorned, and of course sea shells, there will be plenty of those… we think there will also be a resurgence in leather jewelry, and of course crystals in all their shapes and sizes.  Interestingly when we say a return to Earth’s accessories, a lot of them will be oversized and bold in design which is actually very true of nature itself.


6 || Pre-Loved

Summer Fashion trend


It’s almost as if as time passes, there are more and more reasons to buy pre-loved items.  First it was the vintage appeal, and that of originality and uniqueness.  Then there was sustainability of course, attempting to reduce our fast fashion purchases by buying items that can be classified as ‘reuse’ or ‘repurpose’.  Going forward there is the element of timelessness and quality.  If COVID taught us anything it’s that we are what we buy.  As we rummage through our items during lockdown, it’s appreciation for quality that prevails, and perhaps even a distaste for rushed purchases; needless, commercially made items.  As the prices of luxury brands increase by an average of 15%, it only makes sense to return to pre-loved items.  A place where you can purchase timeless, quality products at reasonable prices.