These Accessories Trends Will Spice Up Your Spring Looks

Spring and accessories come all along. Although 2021 trends were all about minimalism and functionality you still need great pieces of accessories to complement your looks. From chandelier earrings to sizable chain necklaces, this year brought us a plethora of styles that we will love adding to our spring looks.


1 || Chunky Chains


At this point and after seeing chains over several seasons, it is fair to say that chains are not a trend anymore, they are a staple accessory. From Victoria Beckham to Brandon Maxwell and Hermès, chains were all about being big and chunky… The only rule is to go big. Whether you choose to compliment your cutout top or white t-shirt with a chain necklace or add a chain bracelet to your evening look, chains work for a variety of styles.


2 || Beach Beads


Spring means beach trips. And despite the travel and holiday restrictions of the last year, some designers have showcased accessories styles that are perfect for a beach holiday. Whether you choose braided multicolored necklaces and bracelets with pearls and coffee bean shells like the one presented on Christian Dior runway, virtual Atlantis, complete with neon chokers, starfish earrings displayed on Verace runway or the beach beads piled onto gold necklaces and hoop earrings presented by Etro, you are all set.


3 || Long Earrings


Earring wise? Go long. According to 2021 collections, your earrings should reach your shoulders… at least. Pair them with your day or night outfits, and I am telling you they will take all the attention. Saint Laurent displayed mod-inspired earrings made of resin and metal with flower-shaped posts. Simone Rocha offered ornate chandeliers made of white beads that resembled pearls. And Paco Rabanne reimagined its signature chain-mail dresses into shoulder-grazing earrings.


4 || Pearls With A Twist


Seems like pearls are not going anywhere. They are getting stronger. There is a thing or two for all pearl lovers out there from the dropping earrings to the layered necklaces.


5 || Wearable Phone Cases


If you are cool enough then this trend is for you. This trend can add a great touch to your spring outfit on its own. If we go back to our normal holidays (we are all hoping for this), this accessory would be so much helpful for keeping your phone safe but in a cool way.


6 || Metal Power


What’s better than metals to add a shiny springy touch to your outfit? This year’s metals don’t have a smooth finish, they have come in more organic shapes like the ones we saw at Acne Studios, Chloé followed the same idea, but in a more refined way. One rule though, texture… Make sure to choose a textured metal piece for a super trendy spring look.


7 || Bag Necklaces


This year you will carry your bags in completely unfamiliar ways. Tiny bags aren’t new for us, in 2018 Simon Porte Jacquemus introduced his signature Le Chiquito, a bag so small that it could at most fit a tube of lipstick, an ID, and a credit card… This year bags are getting smaller, less functional, and more of a piece of jewelry. Seen on necklaces, earrings, and bracelets this trend is a must-have this spring.


8 || Wraps


This trend is both functional and stylish. A new way of layering and a great addition to your outfits and it’s a much-needed piece to give you warmth in the breezy spring days. Seen at Prada, Jil Sander, and Coperni runways it is an evolution of last season’s blanket dressing; a way to make sure you’re comfortable without sacrificing elegance.


9 || It’s Masks Moment


Sounds so unexpected, right? Well, masks are no longer a way for only keeping you safe, they are more than that. Designers have offered a lot of styles of this must-have item so we can consider it as a legit piece of accessory. From coordinating materials and adding flourishes like filters to chains, and bows, your mask will say a lot about you this spring.