Fall Nail Polish Trends Are Here

Yes, you maybe can’t dress fully fall yet, but you definitely can adopt fall nails from this moment. From jewel shades and nudes to metallics and glitters there is something for every one this fall. Mixing more than one color is all the rage this season. Whether you are a fan of nail art trends or the one-color trend you will love what this season is offering.


1 || Patchwork


We love the cozy effect of this quilt-like manicure. There are no rules here, choose at least six colors that feel most “fall” to you and be sure to switch up their order on each finger. We love the mix of baby blue, orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, nude pink, and brown in the photo above. You’ll need a super fine brush to create this look. Good luck!


2 || Florals For Fall


Turned out florals are not only for spring. Just like leaves drying up on trees can make for a beautiful sight in the fall, so can dried flowers on your fingertips. Everything will be screaming florals this winter, and your nails are no exception. This one is not easy to do, so you either follow a YouTube video on how to nail it, or save the headache and do it at your trusted nail salon.


3 || Mixed-Metals


These gold stars are just dreamy! Metallics have become the new staples. A mix of both gold and silver will give you a perfect look for fall. Try any opaque silver polish for the base and any opaque gold polish for the stars. If you are not sure about your drawing skills, stickers are always an option.


4 || Matte X Shine


A winter favorite! While matte and shiny nail polishes look super each on their own, mixing them together will give you a very interesting fall look. Take it into another level by adding a metallic shade to the mix.


5 || Orange X Gold


Think turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, and dried cilantro, Basically get inspired from your spice cabinet… These shades take classic neutrals up a notch making them both bold and versatile. Mix them with a stripe of gold shade to spice things up a little.


6 || Alternating Fall Shades


Experiment with the newest fall shades, all at once. Greens, golds, blues, and oranges have all taken on these delish Autumnal hues so go ahead and enjoy.


7 || Brown Nail Polish


Caramel and chocolate nail polishes are all the rage this winter. Wear them separately or together for a beautiful warm look. You will also love the Canyon Clay and the cinnamon colors for they are bold and strong but not as harsh as black.


8 || Pops Of Nail-Art Prints


One of my favorites! As if these negative-space nails in subdued shades weren’t cute enough! The added candies of eyes and dots made the nails look even better. Again, if you are not a nail master then you might want to visit your nail salon.


9 || Abstract Design X Almond Shape


Almond-shaped and oval-shaped nails that are showcasing cool, abstract designs are super huge this fall. So if you are blessed with beautiful long nails then you are lucky. Otherwise, you maybe want to use a nail strengthener or go for gels or fake nails to adopt this trend.


10 || Fancy French Tips


The good old glossy pink nails with a crisp white tip are back! However, you are allowed to play around with the tip design and color, tip hues like orange, magenta, or black will add a trending edge to your French nail look… For a more ‘wintery’ look try a French manicure with plaid tips. You maybe want to leave this one for the pros as it has many details.


11 || Jewel Tones


Skip the diamonds, I’ll take the emeralds. Jewel shades are all the rage this fall. From emeralds and dark blues to magenta, we’ll be seeing these shades everywhere this winter. Adopt these girl’s night favorites in glitter, classic polishes, or some metal formula, up to you!