Stars Wore Fendi At The Palazzo Opening

Stars Wore Fendi

Fendi celebrated the re-opening of Palazzo Fendi that hosts its largest boutique in the world, Fendi Private Suites and renowened restaurant Zuma. Celebrities enjoyed the event with their elegant appearances.. All of course, dressed in Fendi. They all came together for the party and dinner that took place in Rome.


Alessandra Mastronardi
Eleonora Carisi
Delfina Delettrez
JJ Martin
Kathy Sounders
Kendall Jenner
Kris Jenner
Lindsay Vikson
Ming Xi
Sofia Coppola
Tamu Mcpherson
Veronica Heylbryunner
ciin13031604-02-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-03-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-04-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-05-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-06-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-07-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-08-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-09-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-10-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-11-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-12-Stars Wore Fendi
ciin13031604-13-Stars Wore Fendi
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