The Most Unlikely of Collaborations || Off-White and Princess Diana for Spring 18

Off-White and Princess Diana

If there is one person you wouldn’t associate with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh it could be Diana Princess of Wales, or maybe not… Perhaps they are both people with a very clear vision of who they are and how they want to be perceived.

That is the sort of statement that could be argued back and forth for a good decade, which leaves us with the task at hand, Off-White’s Spring 2018 which was in fact inspired by the late Princess of Wales. The collection which was shown to the public exactly four weeks after the 20th anniversary of her passing was an homage of sorts to the humanitarian. Virgil and his Milano team spent months pouring over images of Diana, and then created a collection which didn’t precisely speak of the Princess. It was more of a modern interpretation of what we would perhaps see her in in 2018. Do you see the resemblance ?


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