6 Fashion Trends To Toss This 2020 || And 6 To Flaunt

In out 2020

Just as you tap into new and upcoming fashion trends every season, you must be equally aware of what trends to ditch from previous ones.. You don’t wanna look dated or ruin any harmony required to don the 2020 trends in the most stylish manner.. Tossing a trend that has proven massive at one point is actually refreshing.. Everything has an expiration date, and today we are embracing the spirit of renewal as we break down the trends you need to set aside and replace with brand new ones..


1 ||Out: The Cropped Jeans

     In : Longer Hemlines

It’s time to indulge in long and roomy floor-kissing-full-length hems that look especially good worn with a bit of a heel..


In out 2020


2 || Out: Neons

    In: Camel Hues

We were borderline blinded by the audacity of neon tones the past season.. This time around we are going to portray all the elegance that the shades of beige is going to offer to us.. Think cream to tan and all shades in between.


In out 2020


3 || Out: Sock Booties

    In: Knee High

Forget about leg-clinging sock booties and enter into the major boot trend currently buzzing around. They’re completely dominating right now you’d think you’ve never owned one before.. Good news is that they’re here to stay, so invest in a couple of your favorites and you’re all set.


In out 2020


4 || Out: PVC

     In: Animal Prints and Hides

This is the time when you will truly appreciate what a classic leather handbag stands for.. Timelessness, appeal and richness. Even the nylon puffer handbags are being upgraded into their Nappa leather versions.. Moreover, animal hides are highly trending. From sherpa and faux animal furs to shearling and teddy skins, the options are massive!


In out 2020


5 || Out: Jewelry Layering

     In: Single Chunky Pieces

The multi-jewel-layered look has taken a well-deserved break. Owning a few chunky pieces of statement jewelry or sculptural earrings is highly trending.. The bolder the better..


In out 2020


6 || Out: Cropped Tops

     In:  Bralets

According to Vogue, Katie Holmes started the trend with her cashmere bra by Khaite while trying to catch a cab. A bra and high-waisted trouser is a natural progression of the previous obsession with corsets.. Underwear becoming outerwear…


In out 2020