Shocking Statistics In Beyonce’s Latest Girl Empowerment Video

Beyonce’s Latest Girl

#FreedomForGirls and #DayoftheGirl are today’s hashtag people! go ahead and share video to help raise awareness about thehorrifying challenges relating to health, education and violence that girls around the world are facing..

Who else other than Queen Bey is an inspiration for female empowerment..?

Beyoncé marked International Day of the Girl with an empowering video with young women from around the world lip-synching and dancing to her 2016 song, “Freedom.” Chime for Change and The Global Goals co-produced the clip, which promotes the hashtag #FreedomForGirls and outlines horrifying challenges relating to health, education and violence..

Prepare for some shocking statistics, including that a girl dies as a result of violence every five minutes, that one in four girls gets married as a child, that 71 percent of human trafficking victims are female, that 63 million girls have undergone female genital mutilation, that 130 million girls are out of school and that girls are twice as likely to become infected with HIV.

Warning: You will get goose bumps!