Beige and Coral, A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

Beige and Coral

One of the things we are particularly excited about this spring are the colors.  So many to choose from, or perhaps just wear them all together, that works too!

When you do want to tone things down however, beige does seem to be the most likely choice.  Over the years, this chic staple has been combined with khaki, yellow and even bright pink.  What we haven’t seen in a long while is the beige and coral combination which is taking the season by storm.

As elegant as it is refreshing this is the perfect choice for a beige look which isn’t necessarily military-inspired street wear.  That’s usually the category beige falls into.  Whether its a cargo jacket or trench, beige does seem to work best.


Beige and Coral


So what about a more chic version of beige?  That’s where the coral comes in….Taking cues from Riccardo Tisci’s first collection for Burberry and Marc Jacobs, a multitude of beige tones were matched to perfection with a variety of coral shades.  Whether its a beige satin headband matched to a coral pair of statement earrings or a beige tote with coral lining, there are so many avenues to explore.  Happy shopping!!


Tom Ford
Victoria Beckham
 Stella McCartney
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