The Best Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts For Inspiration

Hijab and fashion are two words that we didn’t use to hear together in the fashion world. But recently and with the efforts of models and designers, modesty has become a major way of styling whether you wear hijab or not. The idea of seeing a model wearing a hijab on the runways was impossible. But thanks to models like Halima Aden who was the first model to wear a hijab for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and walk the runway for labels like Yeezy. And Ugbad Abdi who debuted as a Valentino haute couture model then opened shows for Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week. She is the first model to walk shows for Fendi and Lanvin while wearing a hijab. These movements have opened the door for hijab fashion bloggers to rise more and more.

Let’s face it, modest fashion is totally different. Regardless of how many hijab-less bloggers you follow on Instagram or Pinterest, the style you need for hijab is different. How many times you saved photos of hijab-less outfits you liked, but you couldn’t really apply with hijab. Luckily, the new fashion world has got our back too. Now you can simply open Pinterest or Instagram and type in “hijab outfits” and voila: a whole set of new outfit ideas to experiment with. And to make life easier, we have done the research and brought you the best hijab fashion Instagram accounts to inspire from whatever your style is.


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Leena Snoubar is a wife, mother, and fashion blogger who lives in Texas. Her Instagram account that has more than 1 million followers is a great inspiration place not only for hijab outfits but also for beauty and lifestyle. What I love the most about her style is the color palette; she sticks to monochrome. I also love how she masters taking minimal to the next level; what I mean by this is that her minimal manner hasn’t stopped her from wearing prints, sequins, or layering boldly for example, but she does it really smartly to match her overall style.

She also has a that she shares on a lot of styling, beauty, and lifestyle tips. Follow her for the best fashion hacks and inspiration.


2 || Dalal AlDoub


If you consider yourself a “bold spirit” look no further than Dalal Instagram account. The Kuwaiti girl really nails it. Her bold dramatic styles are eye-catchy. With more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram Dalal is definitely a great source of inspiration for many many girls out there. The beauty in her styles lies in diversity. You will see her wearing contrasting colors, bold or soft prints, solids and different textures. And do you know what’s great about it? the fact that she masters mixing all the previous ones together smoothly without looking like she’s trying too hard. 


3 || samia


This is for girls that put comfort first but without scarifying style. If I want to describe Samia’s style I would say it is a perfect example of a “comfy style”. If I would choose a style personally, I’ll definitely go with this one. Oversized, comfy and sporty is her way to go.


4 || Sara Sabry


Sara is the funky Egyptian spirit that will satisfy your hunger for bold springy colors. As I was scrolling through sara’s page for photos, I could barely find photos where she’s standing in a pose. Her free spirit soul will catch your eyes before her outfits. Follow her for some happy colorful inspirational content.


5 || Eslimah


Eileen Lahi is a fashion blogger who lives in Qatar. Her styles are just breathtaking. Scroll through her Instagram account and you won’t go out till you screenshot each and every outfit. You will find inspiration for everything from casual outfits to formal ones.


6 || Erva


The perfect place for inspiration for all minimal girls out there. Erva is a Turkish blogger who lives in Germany. Although she has been on Instagram for only one year, she has gained a good number of followers for her simple yet sophisticated style. The color palette of her feed is just so satisfying for the eye. You don’t want to miss it.


7 || Zaheera Mohammed


One scroll in her Instagram account and you will get that Zaheera has no rules when it comes to fashion. She’s wild; wears any color and print you can think of and the cool thing is that she looks really comfortable in anything she wears regardless of how daring or out of the box it is… What you won’t believe is that Zaheera is a wife of 19 years, Mom of 3 Zayn 17, Tas 16, A’ishah 7.


8 || Jasmine Fares


Whether you are a TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube fan, Jasmine has got content for you. Her great hijab outfits, fun content, and tutorials have gained her good popularity on social media platforms. With youtube videos that reach more than 1 million views, jasmine has definitely got something for you… Aside from fashion and beauty inspiration, if you are a cat lover you will love her cat’s Instagram account too.