All You Need To Know About Dezain, Just In Time For This Weekend’s Event!


1 || What is Dezain anyway?

Dezain is a platform powered by telecom giant Zain to empower, support, nurture and develop Jordanian creative talent. Managing partner Sima Najjar and Creative Director Shamekh Bluwiare the inspiring duo behind the initiative.


2 || Once and for all how is Dezain pronounced ?

Dezain is pronounced Design. Yes it might be a little confusing but here you go, this is the final word on the matter.




3 || So what exactly is Souk Dezain?

Souk Dezain is an ambitious 3 day event that aims to bring together different aspects on the Jordanian design community under one roof. Dezain has always stressed the importance of networking and communication within the design community, and this is certainly the best way to do it.


4 || What are we to expect this weekend?

The three day Souk Dezain event will be held at Hangar Ras El Ain. It will include a shopping arcade showcasing the exclusive Spring Summer and or Ramadan collections of the participating designers. There will also be a number of fashion presentations in addition to stimulating panel discussions on some of the most hotly debated issues facing Jordan’s design scene today.




5 || So how many designers will be showcased at the Souk Dezain?

There will be a total of 38 Jordan-based designers at Souk Dezain.


6 || So is the event purely fashion-oriented?

Of these 38 designers 60% are fashion designers, be it clothing, accessories or leather goods. The remaining 40% are design brands which include art and home accessories.




7 || How were the designers chosen?

Dezain launched two consecutive boot camps over the past 6 months. Over 300 designer applications were received to attend each time. These were meticulously sifted through and a grand total of 50 designers were selected over the two workshops. Of these 50, 38 continued on to be involved in Souk Dezain.


8 || So are all the designers budding young talents?

Not really, the 38 final participants are a melange of age groups and work experience which makes the event that much more interesting. Being able to see design from so many different perspectives is a great advantage.




9 || How can we attend the event?

Entry to the three day event is free. It is recommended that you sign up for the event viaSajilni before showing up. There will of course be a sign up at the event itself but it could take a while…Always great to be prepared!

Dezain will open its doors to the public on Friday at 6pm till 10pm. The event will continue Saturday and Sunday 12-10pm.


10 || Did you know they had an app?

Yep! Dezain got together with online gaming company Mays El Ward to create an entertainingDezain game! Give it a go for a chance to win a mobile phone.