Casio’s G-Shock Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary With A Big Bang

casio gshock watch

Casio has been engrained in our minds on very many levels. It was of course our very first calculator and our favorite watch and possibly even our favorite electronic musical instrument. Casio’s G-shock collection turns 35 this year, marking the strength and vision of this iconic watch. We caught up with Casio Middle East’s Managing Director Mr. Koji Naka while in Amman to get up to speed on G-Shock’s latest offering the Absolute Toughness Collection.

Walking into the Hyatt foyer to meet with me, Koji San, in Amman for the second leg in the G-Shock celebratory tour, is at first sight the perfect representative of Casio. A perfect blend of modernity and Japanese authenticity it took us little time to start speaking enthusiastically about the remarkable G-Shock watch and other advancements on the Casio front. After 35 years as a market leader Casio’s G-Shock brand has created a history that we can all share, which is why the G-Shock road-show style tour is ingenuous. Bringing together Jordanian G-Shock enthusiasts to celebrate the success of the brand alongside some of the country’s brightest influencers, personalities and rappers.


casio gshock watch


This road tour comes in line with Casio’s strategy to expand in the Arab world, with hubs in Dubai, Egypt and North Africa. When asked what the tiny Levant can contribute to this huge region Koji San’s response was particularly interesting! Turns out we might be small but we are powerful..Jordan and Lebanon are early adopters of trends, and give brands a very clear indication of what may catch on in the region and what won’t…

G-Shock has been delivering toughness since 1983. The project which started 2 years earlier with an engineer’s passion to create a rugged watch took 200 prototypes to perfect, introducing the G-Shock DW-5000C in April 1983, and as they say the rest is history. G-Shock’s 2018 Absolute Toughness Collection still delivers the core values of Casio, innovation, toughness and design.

Now, let’s get technical for a little bit..G-SHOCK is the ultimate tough watch. Guided by a “Triple 10” development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.


casio gshock watch


G-shock watches stand out not just with their tough design, but also with their technical refinements. From environmentally friendly solar technology and Bluetooth® through to GPS and radio technology — G-SHOCK always features state-of-the-art technology.

Consumers desire style, fit and functionality in one device, and G-SHOCK’s latest timepieces offer the perfect intersection of design and technology. Latest G-SHOCK models provide the fashion and sophistication that consumers desire coupled with the functionality they need.

And where may you ask can you find your next G-Shock purchase? Casio outlets and distributors are available at Mecca, Abdali and City Mall, in addition Limited edition watches displayed during G-SHOCK 35th anniversary event are now available at DNA and Virgin Megastores. What are you waiting for!